Not Another Crush

When Lexi and her best friend, Alicia, get tickets to a One Direction concert, they can't believe it! They've been dreaming about this day since they say One Direction on X-Factor in 2010!! But when they get some unexpected passengers, will Lexi be the only one falling hard?


4. In Love

Louis' POV

"Hi" I say as I walk over.

"Hey" she replies.

"So, ummm, what's your name?" I ask


Her voice is amazing.

Maybe she fancies me?

"I see Niall fancies your friend." I point out.

"She has a HUGE crush on him."

"Hmmm, I might have to play matchmaker."

"Me too." She laughs softly. I love her laugh so much, I end up laughing a little.

"So, are you guys coming to our concert?"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world, we have front row seats and backstage passes."

"Are you rich or something?" I tease.

"No we won them in a One Direction Radio Trivia thing."

"So, you know everything about me?" I joke around.

"No. only a little, unfortunately."

"Well, maybe you can find out more."


"Wanna come over to my house after the concert? All the boys and I are gonna be there."

"Great, but can I bring Alicia?"

"Your friend?"


"I'm sure Niall already asked her." I turned her around and Alicia is writing her number on his arm. They're both smiling like crazy.

"Then we'll be there!" she says. I give her a peck on the cheek. She looks surprised and blushes.

"BUS IS FIXED!"  yells our bus driver.

"Want a ride?" I offer.

"Sure!" she replies. I turn around and see that Niall asked Alicia the same question. I'm sure Lexi's car will be ok. Lexi then runs back to her car.  I see she just grabs her cell and Alicia's cell, their tickets/backstage passes, and her headphones. I think I'm in love! I grab her hand and lead her onto the bus.


Lexi's POV

I hop on the 1D bus, remembering all the times Alicia and I wished for this. Louis is still holding my hand. I squeeze his hand and he lets go. He then sees my small frown, and holds it again. Now WE are smiling like crazy. Zayn sees us and starts whistling. Harry and Liam jump in. I notice Niall and Alicia aren't. They're at the kitchen table eating candy, A LOT of candy! Louis leads me to a bean bag chair and I sit right next to him. He puts his arm around me, and we end up cuddling. When we arrive at the Staple Center, and the boys lead Alicia and me backstage. A guy comes by and says that the boys are to report to hair and makeup, then report right back here. We get hugs and the boys leave. A couple minutes later, Louis runs back, the first one done, closely followed by the rest. The same guy yells "One Direction to stage in 15 seconds!" Alicia and Niall hug, then Louis hugs me. Then suddenly, he gives me a peck, a real kiss from Louis Tomlinson! Louis and I are both smiling like crazy, and I get another kiss. Then, he has to go. They all say bye, and run off as I hear the opening notes of 'What Makes You Beautiful'.

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