Death's Letter

What happens when a soul is split between 3 people instead of two? A cursed triangle of torment and misery is what the universe has in store for Victoria, Xander, and Niall. Will Xander take his medication and get help? or will he continue to influence Victoria with self harm?

When Niall is presented with a letter he believes he has met his soul mate, though he has already met one of them before. . . .will they end up happy or will the universe work its magic and cause people their lives?

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5. Wool Over My Eyes

Author's note: heyy thereee . . . .*awkwardness* sorry for not posting in like a month or longer . . . .I am a busy person! . . .well kind of, not really. NEWSSSS---I got me a job yayyyy! CAN I GET A HELL YEAHHH?  *HELL YEAH* whooo, its my first job guys I cant  help the fact that im excited :) anyway the next few chapters are going to be about Xander im thinking so we can get to know him better. I use radley from pll just letting you know, heheh, well here you go . . . .


I cried myself to sleep and was awoken several hours later by the sound of a door opening and closing. I peeled open my eyes which were glued shut with dried tears and I found myself looking at a young nurse, she couldn't have been more than a few years older than me.


"Who are you?" I asked somewhat groggily and raspy.


The nurse spun around with a smile spread on her face. Her blond hair was held back in a ponytail, flowing down her back like a waterfall.


"Hey there sleepy head! I'm Cindy and I'm here to give you your medication!" She said as perky as hell, this was going to be a problem, perky people were not my forte.


"Where am I?" I asked completely unaware of my surroundings. I let my eyes wonder around taking in the location I was in. It was a small room, white walls boxed me , a bed, a single chair and a nightstand in. If I was claustrophobic I would probably go crazy in this place, speaking of which where was I again? 


"Oh dear, you are in Radley Sanitarium and you'll be staying here for a little while. Now please take these pills." Cindy said while dumping a few white pills into the palm of my hand and handing me a cup of water. She just looked at me for awhile, as if waiting for something.


"Uhmm. . . " I started as I cleared my throat slightly, getting her attention.


"Oh, sorry about staring, it's just uh, we have to make sure you actually take the medication, it's like a policy." She explained. I nodded my head in understanding and thrust the pills into my mouth, swallowing them without thought.


As she took the empty cup of water from me she said "if you ever want anyone to talk to when you can't sleep just keep in mind that it would be my pleasure" while shooting me a wink as she walked out of the room. What the actual Hell was that? I mean I know I'm not ugly or anything but seriously! I'm in a freaking mental place and the nurse hits on me. Great.


I say cou, you say gar!






Back to the situation at hand, why am I here? Am I even allowed to leave this room? Just as I began to analyze my predicament I heard a soft knock on the door. The nurse popped her head in.


"You have a visitor." With that she winked once more and left. A man in a suit and tie took her place in the door frame as he entered the room.


"I remember you." I said as my lawyer took a seat in the chair that sat across from the bed.


"I would hope so, do you know why you are here?" He asked changing the subject.


"I was going to ask you that same question." I stated hoping that he would explain further. I sat up fully in the bed and swung my legs over the edge so they were now resting on the floor. While doing so I actually took notice in what covered my body. I was no longer clothed in the gray scrubs but now in a hospital gown with blue pants. You've got to be fucking with me. That nurse probably changed my clothes and saw me naked, no wonder she was hitting on me. Ew.


"I'm here to tell YOU why you're here." Said mister-I-have-a-law-degree-and-you-don't while pointing at me, regaining my attention.


"Alrighty,why am I here then?" I asked patiently waiting for a reply.


"You're here due to your little outburst in court the other day. What the hell was that about?" He asked starting to get a little red in the face. It looks like mister lawyer pants has a temper. . .


"Oh, yeah. Well so I have this disorder. . . "


"What disorder?" He cut me off rather sharply.


"I'm kind of bi-polar and when I don't take my medication I have these 'aggressive fits'" I started to explain further while putting air quotes around aggressive fits, it's not my word choice but the doctor's. I paused in realization.


"Hey shouldn't you know this? I mean you are my lawyer."


He sighed "I would much rather hear it from you." As he motioned for me to continue.


"So when I have these fits I tend to hurt people and not know about it until I get a massive headache days later. That's how she got hurt." I said while lowering my head so I was making great eye contact with the floor.


"Why would you stop taking your medication?" He asked sounding quite interested in my own personal form of torture-being a freak.


"She made me so happy that I would feel like a normal person instead of the freak that I am." I said barely whispering.


"Who's 'she'? your girlfriend or something?"




"Then who is she?"


"She's my, uh, friend. We're just friends." I said feeling somewhat vulnerable.


"Are you sure? You don't sound too convinced about just being friends."


"I've loved her from the very second I saw her. I met her on the first day of school when I was new. Once I met her I never bothered making other friends, I only needed her. She was something different and that's what I loved most about her. I know it sounds stupid but I think she's my soul mate."


"It doesn't sound stupid, if there is anything in this world that I truly believe in, it would be soul mates. So who is she?"


"She's, she's the girl who was found on the side I the road and I was the one who. . . The one who hurt her, because I didn't take my medication. I am a sick monster and I deserve to die."


"I know that I have no say in what you do in your own time kid but don't hurt yourself. You don't deserve to die for something that wasn't intentional. If you knew better at the time there is no way in hell you would have hurt her."


I found myself wiping my eyes as quickly as I possibly could so be couldn't see me. Several emotions twisted and knotted themselves together in my mind making me entirely confused about some things.


I cleared my throat slightly and immediately changed the subject. "How long am I going to be here for?" I asked while lifting my head up to look at my lawyer in the face. His expression contorted slightly with the sudden change of mood and subject but then settled on one that was all business.


"A few weeks. We don't know how many exactly, it all depends on what the judge decides on. I should know for sure in a couple days and I will come see you then to report my findings on your stay here."


"Oh. Alright then." I stated in a defeated manor. I was tired again even though I was sleeping not too long ago. With my response he slowing pulled himself out of the chair and walked to the door, his shoes making light scuffing sounds as he made his way across the room. The sounds stopped suddenly and I turned to look in his direction.


"Take care of yourself Xander." He left and shut the door behind him. His voice sounded softer than when he had spoken to me with previously and the expression held in his face looked somewhat fatherly. I never really had a dad.





I awoke again the next morning in a daze. It took me quite awhile to recognize where I was, I think I should probably ask about the medication before I take it. It never occurred  to me that I had absolutely no idea what I was taking, I am just so smart aren't I?


I sat up and brought my hands up to my face, rubbing my eyes trying to wake up. The room that was blurry around the edges became crisp and fine as it came into focus. When my eyes finished adjusting I noticed a pair of blue scrubs draped over the chair that sat across from the bed.  More scrubs? Really? You'd think they have something more original than that. Why can't I have my jeans and beanies? Ughhh. Life truly does suck.


I rolled my lazy ass out of bed and began to change my clothes. First things first I needed to peel off the outfit I had been wearing for a few days now. Speaking of a few days I'm really hungry, sleeping a lot burns calories I guess. 


I pulled on the scrubs and a pair of sandals/slippers, okay I admit I didn't really know what they were, all I knew is that they went in my feet. I'm a genius I swear, cross my heart and hope to die. After doing so I decided to finally venture out of my little room and explore the big world out there, also known as the rest of this damn crazy building. I went to reach for the doorknob and couldn't help but feel a little uneasy on the inside. I had absolutely no idea what was out there, for all I know two enormous buff dudes in white could shove me back inside the box I reside in.


Hike up your skirt and be a man.


Those were some wise words, I knew there was a reason I loved that girl.


After mentally kicking myself in the ass I twisted the damn doorknob revealing a new place to me. Nurses and patients shuffled in and out of rooms and down the halls. Being the risky son-of-a-bitch I was I decided to take some random hallways and stairways until I got somewhere interesting.


Luckily after a few disturbing encounters, I will spare you the details and you can thank me later, I wound up in an activity center of sorts. People were painting, reading, watching TV, playing piano, playing board games, it seemed as though being here were entirely normal. Who were they trying to fool? No one can pull the wool over my eyes, well except that one time with that sheep at a petting zoo, but that's not the point. Why couldn't they see that they were being barricaded together from the rest of the normal people, the ones who weren't crazy.


"May I help you?" Said a quiet and polite voice. The words brought me out of the analyzing stupor I was in and back to reality. I shook my head slightly to clear my head of the thoughts it was previously filled with. As I refocused myself for the tenth time today I noticed the girl in front of me. She was shorter than I, although so are a lot if people with me being the height that I am. She had a pair of emerald eyes that were full of kindness and waves of auburn hair. She was rather good looking.


"Oh, yeah, what am I supposed to do here?" I asked in desperate need of more information and perhaps even guidance.


"You must be new here. I will give you a tour as soon as you give me your name." She smirked at me, obviously playing a game.


"Xander" I answered confidently as I put my hand out for her to shake.


"Chloe" she said while shaking my hand.


It seems as though I could get along with this girl. At least she wasn't perky.



Author's note: sorry it was short . . .it is going to get WAYYYYYYYYYYYY better I  SWEAR. until next time :) . . .

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