Death's Letter

What happens when a soul is split between 3 people instead of two? A cursed triangle of torment and misery is what the universe has in store for Victoria, Xander, and Niall. Will Xander take his medication and get help? or will he continue to influence Victoria with self harm?

When Niall is presented with a letter he believes he has met his soul mate, though he has already met one of them before. . . .will they end up happy or will the universe work its magic and cause people their lives?

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1. Girl who bled her heart out on paper

Author's note: I hope you like this chapter. I will be trying to be doing regular updates and such, however it might take me a while. I have already written most of this story but I am currently doing some MAJOR editing so I apologize now if it take me awhile to post. I recommend that you watch my attempt of a trailer first :) and also I use part of a song- Bleed by Hot Chelle Rae  . . ..Victoria "wrote" a snippet of it that I use in the letter.




There was no way to be able to express my feelings for Niall accurately. I was so much more than some fan girl. I knew that on some level there was a spiritual connection. We were the same, it was kind if scary. Crazy even. So I did the only thing that I thought I could do that would get his attention. Hopefully. I wrote him a letter. It was the only way that I could get him to notice me, even if it was for a moment. So I practically poured my feelings out on a piece of paper hoping that he would read it. Little did I know that it would lead me on a path of misery, love and TRUE heartache.


It had been a couple of months since I had mailed my letter. It was now nearing the end of May; I had sent my letter back in January. I guess I never really expected a response; I just needed to get my feelings off of my chest and off of my heart. Writing that letter helped me finally have some release of what I had kept inside, and when I mustered up the courage to send it, it set me free.


I felt so alone at times. No one could ever understand how my heart ached. I couldn't talk about it to anyone, especially my friends. They're hardcore Directioners. I am too; don't get me wrong, I loved all of them for who they were as people, not for their fame. But Niall on the other hand, had a special place in my heart and I knew it from the start.



It was a Saturday night and I, having no social life, was on my laptop. I was on the good ol' "social" networking site known as Facebook when I received a message from someone I was not confirmed friends with. I did not recognize the name whatsoever. Being curious I opened the message. It read. . .



Stranger: Did you mail Niall Horan a letter?


I did not think before replying to the unknown character. I was bored so what was the harm, right?


Me: yes.


After I finished my reply, I was surprised with a simultaneous response in return.


Stranger: I have been trying to find you for the longest time!


This suddenly caught my interest so I decided to further engage myself in the conversation. I messaged the stranger back. My fingers tapped somewhat nervously on the keyboard while I typed another note.


Me: what do you mean? Who on God's green earth would look for me?


Stranger: I would.


Me: why?


Stranger: I need to meet you.


This conversation had begun to take a dreadful turn for the creepy and scary. That last message gave me the heebie jeebies. I was now convincing myself that this was probably some pedophile who wanted to rape me. Great.


Deciding that I had already invested plenty of my time in this bogus convo, I continued and kept going. HOWEVER I pinky promised myself that if it got any creepier, even in the slightest, I would call the police. Reluctantly I respond. . .


Me: who are you exactly?


Stranger: Niall Horan


When my eyes read the words that were illuminated on my screen I squinted in hopes that I had read them incorrectly. There was absolutely no way it was actually HIM. This had to be a cruel, sick and twisted joke that only some demented son-of-a-bitch would pull.


While I stared disbelieving at the message I got an idea. You could say that I had a cartoon light bulb moment, an epiphany of sorts. I was going to test this clown to see if I could spot the Achilles heel in this lie.


Before I got the chance to reply, I received yet another message.


Stranger: Are you still there? Please don't go.


Me: Prove it.


Stranger: prove what?


Me: That you are who you proclaim yourself to be.


Stranger: ok. I am Niall James Horan and I was born on September 13th, 1993 in Mullingar, Ireland.


Me: Google. Obviously. . .


Stranger: how can I get you to believe me?


That was an excellent question. How could he prove who he was or wasn't? The fandom knew absolutely everything. Damn the Internet!


Think Victoria, think! Ah-ha! There was something that you sure as hell couldn't find on a computer.


Me: what did I say in my letter? BE SPECIFIC.


There was no way the fandom could get their grubby little hands on that, it was personal to me.


It had been more than 10 minutes and there was still no reply. No matter how many times my mouse raped the 'refresh page' button, I had nothing. I knew that this was too good to be true. Why would Niall Horan care about me and what I said in some stupid letter? To him I was just some girl, a faceless nobody in a crowd.


Niall's POV:


I sit here in the empty hotel lobby typing away on the only computer they would let me use. It was late and all of the lads were up in the room asleep. I was the only one awake, well besides the night manager. I glanced over in his direction; his head was down resting on the desk. Scratch that, I was the only one awake. I turned back to face the screen and had to squint my eyes so that they could adjust to the brightness.


She was right; the only way I could prove who I was at the moment was her letter. I shoved my hand into my pocket to retrieve the familiar piece of paper. My fingers danced along the crinkled edges. I pulled it out and unfolded it.


I remembered when I first read it over a month ago.




We were all gathered in the living area of our suite, sitting around a bag. Louis grabbed the bottom of the sack and ripped it upward causing the contents to spill out. We were fenced in with various envelopes and such from all over. I really enjoyed reading fan mail, it gave me some insight to what are fans thought. However there were plenty of times when it was downright a disturbing experience. I swear the things our and send and write, talk about traumatizing nightmares.


After opening several parcels and pouches we were laughing hysterically at what our crazy fans had sent to us. Harry had received a gold sequined thong and was now wearing it on his curly locks. Like I said, opening fan mail was a disturbing experience.



Out of the corner of my eye I saw a pristine envelope. I picked it up and noticed its simplicity as if it wasn't trying to seek our attention. There was careful writing that was scrawled out neatly on the back. It was addressed to 'One Direction'.


"Hey mates, come 'ere" I said trying to get their attention so we could all read it.


I gently ripped open the seal and took out the letter. As I unfolded it I observed that it was no longer for all of us, but for me.


Liam took it upon himself to snatch it out of my hands and read it aloud. The slight smirk on his face told me that he was hoping it was embarrassing.



In Greek mythology it is said that humans originally consisted of four arms, four legs and a single head with two faces. Zeus had feared the power of these beings so he split them in half, condemning them to spend their lives searching for the other half to complete them. Also known as soul mates. It's two separate people who come from the same soul originally. Even though these two people grew up differently, had different parents and had different lifestyles they work perfectly together. The odds of finding that person are slim to nonexistent. However I believe that it is possible to find that person with my entire mind, body and spirit. You just have to look, not with your eyes but with your heart. This is why I am writing to you, Niall, because I want to take a chance.


 I am completely aware that this sounds, and will continue to sound, crazy. Even as I'm sitting here right now writing this I think it's crazy. That I'm crazy for doing so. But then again, what's life without risk? All I know is that I might love you. Trust me when I say this, just hear me out. This has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you are in One Direction, even if you weren't I would still love you, I have to. From what I can barely comprehend in this messed up world and life is that you could be my soul mate. I am very glad for who you are now, because there would have been no way for me to know that you were out there, somewhere. I am glad that millions know you name. How else would I have found you? There are billions of people out there and you were half a world away. It seems as though the odds were against us from the start, don't you think?


I never thought that I would be writing this letter. I thought that it would make me pathetic and that you would pity me, right now though I pushed those thoughts away, if only for a moment.


I'm not sure how to put what I want to say into words so that you can attempt to understand. I'm going to try though, for you.


Whenever I would see a picture of you, or video or even hear your voice, my heart would stop, skip a beat and beat faster all at the same time. I know that it doesn't make much sense. I don't expect you to know what I'm trying to say. I know that I will never meet you to find out for sure but knowing that you're out there makes me feel better.


I want to meet you, but so does every other girl in the world, am I right? I don't want to meet you just so I could say that I did. I want to meet you so that I can get to know you by being with you, not by reading useless information on my computer screen from a website. I feel that by doing so I would be invading your privacy and people do that enough already as it is. Sure if I did that I would know fact after fact about you. All of that would be pointless because it didn't come from you, your very being. I wish that I could hear you breathe and your heart beat because it would be the sweetest sound to my ears (I apologize if that sounded creepy). If I could I would spend everyday of the rest of my life with you.


So I sit here, vulnerable and bare on this piece of paper hoping that it meant something to you, for it meant absolutely everything to me.

~love Victoria


*I bleed my heart out on this paper for you

So you can see what I can't say

I'm dying here

'Cause I can't say what I want to

I bleed my heart out just for you"



Liam finished reading and lifted his head to look at us.


"That was really deep" chirped a touched looking Zayn. All of us nodded and mumbled in agreement. Soon their attention was glued to me and my every move. I glance at all of them, making eye contact with each boy. All of their eyes seemed to beg me to say something regarding the girl who bled her heart out on paper.




I had finally finished typing the letter and I rolled the mouse so it was hovering over the send button. I pressed my forefinger down delivering those words back to her.


Victoria's POV:


I stared at the screen with my mouth slightly agape forming an 'o'. I was in complete and utter shock until another messages appeared before me.


Stranger: Do you believe me now?


This could not be actually happening, could it? I am now fully convinced that I am in some bad episode of the Twilight Zone. How could someone like him care about someone like me? I was nobody. Kids that I have gone to school with since kindergarten still don't know my name. He shouldn't care, I am nothing special.


My head began throbbing and my vision changed, starting to blur. I was blacking out. Before I was lost to the darkness I saw a final message on my screen.


Niall: (598)732-1479 please call me, NOW


The room began to spin and my body gave in, letting me fall.


"Mom. . ." I try to say but it comes out barely audible. The last thing I remember was my head hitting the floor.


My eyes flutter open as I wake up.


"God my head hurts, where's the Tylenol?" I asked aloud to no one in particular.


Slowly my memory starts to seep into my now conscious thoughts. I allow myself to peek at the computer screen. I glance at it cautiously, trying not to break it as if it were an antique vase. I want sure if I should believe what my brain was saying was true. There were 15 new messages. OH SHIT. Everything was written out before me in black and white. Only one message stood out, just one.



Niall: Did you mean it?


Of course I had meant it. I poured my heart out in that letter.


Looking at the messages I could tell that I had been out for two hours. How come nobody noticed me lying on my floor in a lifeless heap? That really boosts a girl's self esteem.


I decided to call the number displayed on my monitor. It immediately picked up.


"Hello?" I hear in a thick Irish accent that made my heart go into double time.


I didn't answer. I couldn't answer. My mouth wouldn't comply with my brain and form the words that I so desperately wanted to say.


"Victoria, is this you?" screams the boy on the other end.


I can barely squeak out my answer.


"Yes" my voice didn't sound like my own. It sounded small and weak. In that case, I suppose it was my own.


"Thank The Lord you called" I could practically hear him bless himself through the phone. "I have been looking everywhere trying to find you."



Why? Nobody likes me. No one gives a damn about me.


"Why?" I ask with desperation dripping in my voice as I begged to know the answer.


“Because I need you and you need me. I want to find out if there is such a thing as soul mates. I want to know if it is possible that two people are made for each other like you said. I always knew that there was going to be the right person out there somewhere for me but I never knew where to look” he paused “then I got your letter and I knew that there was hope.”


Lord his voice wanted to make me melt into a puddle right there on the spot. It warmed my whole body. I felt like I was glowing and shining from the inside out. How I ached to be with him.


“Are you still there? Please don’t hang up on me” this time the desperation wasn’t in my voice but in his. His voice held something else too . . . sorrow.


“I am still here Niall” I inhale deeply. My eyes are suddenly trying to hold back stinging tears. I would never want to hurt him and make him sound as woeful as he did just then. Before I got the chance to hear his beautiful voice reply, I hear another that was unexpected.


“Victoria! Get down here now!”


“I’m so sorry . . .” I quickly say before I hang up, before he could object.

I throw my phone onto my bed and sprint out of my room and down the stairs heading toward the source of my mother’s voice. As I turn into the kitchen I see my mother standing there alone, her eyes clearly filled with either anger, disappointment or maybe something else, something I couldn’t quite recognize. As I slide into a seat at the table I ask “yes mom?”


“You didn’t show up for dinner, again. That is the third time this week.  I hope you realize that you are going to have to do the dishes and go to bed without.”


“I was passed out in my room!” I quietly protested to myself. This so wasn’t fair.


“I am your mother. I thought that you would be able to tell me what has been going on lately but obviously I was wrong. I am tired of your excuses.” She said as she left the kitchen not even acknowledging what I had just said to her. She left leaving me with Mount Everest in the sink to sanitize. I don’t care about missing dinner. I probably wouldn’t have eaten it anyhow and even if I did I would have thrown it up.


“Well, time to get started” I mutter to myself as I plunge my hands into the soapy water.

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