Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


9. Vile

Crystals POV

I frown in distaste at my body in the mirror. Perrie takes me in and grins, standing beside me in the small changing room. She was so beautiful. With dyed pink hair and large blue eyes framed by thick lashes; she was stunning. She had a perfect figure too. I longed to look like her. I glance at the sight of us standing side by side. My fat, ugly, scarred body next to her slim, beautiful and flawless one. I sigh and tug at the hem of the dress. It was a beautiful dress, just not on me. It was a simple white lace dress that fell to my knees with elbow length sleeves. It clung to my body, all of my fat clearly visible. Aleast it covered up the scars and bruises.
"It looks perfect!" Perrie exclaims, clapping her hands with a grin. I give her a disbelieving look in the mirror but she tells me to keep it on and stay there. She disappears from the changing rooms and returns a few moments later with a pair of white flat plimsoles, the tips a gold colour. She slips them onto my feet and demands that I buy the outfit. I felt and looked disgusting in it, but Perrie had made me a deal. I chuckle as she reminds me of this before I get changed again. We pay for them and she uses Niall's card thing that he gave me as I have no idea how to use it. I felt bad that he had given me this; Harry has said it was basically a card of money. I was staying at his home, I couldn't take his money too. Perrie them takes me to a charity shop and she digs around in the smelly boxes of old clothes. After what seemed like hours of searching, she pulls out the worst dress I have ever seen.  It was a corset at the top, with laces holding it together all down the back. The skirt was huge; big ruffles of bright orange and green mixed together.
"This is vile!" She exclaims, smelling the dress. An old woman on the other side of the shop glares at Perrie. She just shrugs and looks at the price tag.
"£3." She says, beaming at me. We walk over to the cashier, a young girl with frizzy hair, her face buried in a magazine. She looks up briefly before taking the dress from Perrie. She looks back up again at her, with round eyes, her mouth open in shock.
"You're Perrie... Perrie Edwards!" She exclaims, beaming. Perrie nods, burying her face into her scarf further. The young girl catches on and quietens down.
"Sorry!" She whisper yells.
"I'm a huge fan, I love your guys." She beams and Perrie hands her the money for the dress.
"Thank you," Perrie says as the girl sorts out her change and a bag. I frown in confusion; how did the girl know Perrie? Why was she so excited to see her? 
"Could I get your autograph please?" She asks with hopeful eyes and Perrie nods. She signs a piece of paper and asks what the girls name is. She finishes and hands it back to her. The young girl looks at it like its made of gold.
"Thank you so so much!" She squeals and Perrie takes the bag.
"No, thank you." She grins at her before we leave the shop.
"How did she know who you were?" I ask Perrie. She frowns at me.
"You don't know?" She asks in disbelief. I just shake my head, confused. 
"I'm in a band." She looks at me as we walk out of the shop and into one of the toilet blocks. Luckily, it's empty and she walks into one of the stalls, 
"Little mix?" She prompts from inside. 
"No idea," I admit, leaning against the sink. She begins to sing and I smile at her voice. She was amazing.
"You're such a good singer," I tell her as she begins to change.
"But seriously, you didn't know?" She frowns as she comes out of the stall. 
"Nope," I say then burst out in laughter at the sight of her.
"Do I look good?" She winks, spinning around. The large skirt flies out and gets stuck on the door. I try not to die of laughter as I take the dress off of the hinge it was caught on. 
"Ready to go?" She winks before I nod and follow her out of the toilets. Mounds of people shoot us weird looks and sniggers, some even making comments, but Perrie just laughs and ignores them. I wish I could be like that. Just not care what anyone else thought about me. 
"Right," Perrie says as we round the corner and the house comes into view.
"You go inside and go into the living room. I texted Zayn a few minutes ago and told him and Niall to wait in there. Go in and tell Zayn that I've found the perfect dress. Tell him it took us hours to decide on it," she chuckles at the prospect. I nod and she waits outside the door whilst I creep in.
"Hey guys," I say shyly, stepping into the living room. Niall and Zayn both look up from the tv and Niall grins.
"Hey Crystal!" He chimes.
"Have fun?" Zayn asks with hopeful eyes and I nod. The two of them beam before Zayn asks where Perrie is.
"She's just outside," I tell them and he frowns.
"Why?" Zayn asks.
"She got a new dress, it's perfect, Zayn. She absolutely loves it and it took us  ages to decide." I tell him, keeping my face straight. He nods and looks confused for a moment. I hold up a finger before stepping out into the hall and ushering Perrie inside the house. 
"Oh my god," Perrie giggles to me before straightening the fabric and following me into the living room.
"So," she announces, standing infront of the boys and waving to her dress.
"What do you think?" She asks, spinning around. Zayn's mouth is wide open and Niall looks at me, beginning to laugh. 
"Er..." Zayn starts, taking in the outfit.
"You don't like it?" She pouts, appearing hurt.
"No, no! I love it... It looks..." He stands up and searches for the right word. Niall starts to really laugh and before long I am too. 
"It looks beautiful," Zayn stutters before Perrie winks at him and throws her arms around his neck.
"I'm joking, Zayn. Don't look so terrified," she chuckles and grins at me over his shoulder. 

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