Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


11. Ugly


Crystal's POV


I sit on the dressing table stool, staring at my reflection in the large mirror. I did this a lot and only depressed myself further. Awards night. What on earth was I meant to wear? Or look like? Or do? Or say? 
I wound myself up further and further until the sound of Perrie's voice brought me out of my mind.
"Hey!" She chimes, obviously excited. Her hair was wrapped in a towel, make up down her face and she was wearing sweats. I muster a small smile; hiding my feelings. I did that a lot too. 
"Hey," I reply and look up as another girl enters the room. 
A beautiful girl with dark brown hair and gleaming bright eyes. She looks at Perrie then her eyes fall on me. She breaks into a smile before coming over to me; arms wide open. I stand up and shyly embrace her. 
"I'm Eleanor," She says, releasing me and stepping back.
"Crystal," I reply and she nods.
"I've heard all about you." Eleanor tells me and I blush at the thought.
"Good things, Crystal, don't worry." She assures me with another flash of her white teeth.
"Right," Perrie claps her hands together and puts her huge bag onto the bed. She unzips it and me and Eleanor watch as she pulls out tons of clothes.
"The make-up artist will be here any minute," She runs a hand through her wet hair and turns to me smiling. I gape at her.
"Make-up artist?" I ask with raised eyebrows. Perrie nods and I join Eleanor on the bed. I sit cross-legged and we chat for a few minutes before the sound of knocking at the door interrupts us. 
"Come in," Eleanor calls and the door opens. A small girl around my age steps in; red hair falling down to her rib cage in elegant curls. She was extremely pretty and I felt even uglier next to all of these beautiful girls.
"Hey, Cassidy!" Perrie exclaims, getting up to hug the girl.
"You must be Crystal," The girl says turning to me with a grin. I nod shyly and she places her heavy bag onto the bed. It squeaks with the weight and Cassidy begins to pull out the make-up from inside the huge bag. 
"How long do we have?" She asks Perrie and she checks her phone.
"About three hours," Perrie tells her, placing her phone back into her pocket. 
"Great," Cassidy smiles again and then looks at each of us.
"Who's first?" She asks and I bit my lip. Perrie looks at me but seeing how uncomfortable I look she says that she'll go first. I smile at her thankfully and she smiles back as she takes a seat at the dressing table.
"Do you know what you're wearing?" Cassidy asks Perrie and she nods.
"Eleanor, could you pass me my bag please?" She asks and swings her legs around on the stool to face us. Eleanor grabs the bag and gives it to Perrie. She begins to sort through it; chucking shoes and dresses on to the floor.
"This," She finally says, holding up a dress. It was a short bandage dress that was slim-fitting with no straps. A light pink colour; it complimented Perrie perfectly. 
"I love it! Right," Cassidy starts but I zone out as she begins discussing make-up. So many questions were rushing around my head; it felt like it was going to explode. Why was I invited tonight? Why were they going to an award ceremony? Awards for what? I begin to give myself a headache as I try to think of answers. 
"You alright?" Eleanor asks, looking at me with concerned eyes. She was painting her nails.
"Yeah," I nod, taking a deep breath.
"You don't look it," She murmurs, too quiet for anyone else to hear.
"I just... I have no idea about tonight." I tell her frustrated and her face softens. 
"It's okay, Crystal. It'll be fine. Me and Perrie will be there with you and so will Niall." She smiles, trying to comfort me.
"Thank you, Eleanor." I say, smiling slightly. The thought of Niall made me feel jittery; even though he was only downstairs. I was terrified of what people would think of me but... Niall didn't seem to care. He never brought up what I told him that night at the bottom of the stairs. I was grateful for that. I had never opened up like that before and it was what I was afraid of; letting it all seep out. 

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