Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


24. Train


Crystals POV


"Let's go!" Perrie shouts, wiggling her bum. I pick my phone up from the sofa and shove it into my pocket. We all bundle out of the apartment and into the elevator. Susie joins us on the second floor and I notice the large grin that appears on Harry's face when she enters. 

"What about... like... you know..." Eleanor says, waving her arms at all of the boys.

"Got it covered," Niall winks. He pulls out a pair of sunglasses and a huge pink scarf.

"You're not seriously going to wear that?" I ask, chuckling.

"Yep." He shrugs, grinning. He puts on the glasses and so do the other boys. Turns out all of them had hoods on their jackets or baseball caps; apart from Niall. He wraps the scarf around his head like an old woman and ties it in a knot underneath his chin. I laugh hysterically at him as the elevator doors open at the ground floor. We all head out of the doors and onto the streets.

"The stations just round here," Niall says, leading us all down the street. We walk for about five minutes before the huge station came into view. I had never been on a train before.

"I think you're attracting more attention with that thing on your head than what you would if you didn't have it on," I tell Niall, flicking the side of his head playfully. He grabs my hand mid-air and cradles it in his own. We only had to wait about ten minutes for the train to come; which was extremely lucky according to Perrie. The next one didn't come for another two hours. 

"Careful," Niall says, helping me across the dangerous gap between the platform and the train. We all manage to squeeze on and the train wasn't busy at all. We had a whole carriage to ourselves.

"I don't want to sit backwards, it'll make me feel sick." Perrie says, dragging Zayn over to another seat. Susie takes the seat opposite me instead and Niall sits beside me. I stare out of the window as the train slowly begins to move. I look up as Harry plonks onto the space beside Susie; causing a wide grin to appear on her lips. I watch in amazement as the flurry of trees, fields and houses zoom past us.

"Here we are," Niall exclaims, pulling me up suddenly as the train comes to a stop. He lifts me onto his back and I chuckle as I duck down into his neck; trying to avoid smashing my head on the train doors. NIall runs off, the scarf flowing behind him. I grip to his back like a baby monkey; his arms on my thighs supporting me. I turn slightly and see Liam hugging a girl on the platform.

"Niall," I say into his ear and he slows to a stop. We were a few metres down the platform, everyone else was walking towards us slowly. 

"Who's that?" I ask, nodding towards the girl hugging Liam. 

"That's Danielle, Liam's girlfriend." He looks over at them and I smile at the way he says 'Girlfriend'.

"Wait up," Zayn calls and Niall turns to face them all once more. I become shy again; thoughts of Liam's girlfriend running through my mind like when I first met Perrie. What if she didn't like me?

"Crystal, this is Danielle. Danielle, this is Crystal." Liam beams, holding the girl's hand. I smile shyly at her and she pushes her sun glasses on top of her head.

"Nice to meet you," She grins and I immediately feel at ease.

"Right, let's get going!" Eleanor exclaims, cheering and jumping onto Louis' back like the rest of us. 







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