Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


33. That Actually Fit

Perrie's  POV 

  "Morning Susie," I smile and let her in. "How is she?" Susie steps in and asks, her eyes full of concern. I nod and bite my lip. No one really knew how Crystal was doing. One day she would be fine and others she would lock herself in her room all day and refuse to eat or talk. It was frightening really. When me and Eleanor couldn't get to her in the bathroom that night... I feared the worst. I honestly thought she was going to kill herself. I would never have forgiven myself if she did. I freaked out when I saw the blood and cuts that she had made. It was so overwhelming.  "Heya!" Eleanor chimes, walking into the living room freshly dressed and showered.  "Hey," Susie smiles back, taking a seat on the sofa. I sit beside her and look over my shoulder at Eleanor as she pours cereal into a bowl. "Is Crystal up?" I ask and Eleanor shrugs. "She's just getting dressed," Niall answers, walking into the room too with a yawn.  "Morning," Louis shouts and it makes me jump. He comes bounding into the room and Eleanor puts her bowl down with a small scream. He gives her a mischievous grin before he goes to grab her. She snakes from his reach and runs toward us; hiding behind the sofa.  "Gotcha!" Lou exclaims, grabbing her and tickling her stomach. She falls to the floor in a fit of laughter and shrieks as Crystal walks in. She gives them a small smile and Niall gets up to greet her. He plants a small kiss on her nose and she returns it with a peck on the lips. By the looks of it she was in a good mood.  "Morning, Susie." She smiles and Niall links his arms around her waist. Susie smiles at her and then she turns to me. "What time are we going?" Crystal asks and I shrug. "When everyone's ready," I tell her with a smile. She smiles back before looking up at Niall. "You lot better be getting ready," she says and he nods. "Yeah," he kisses her forehead gently before pulling back and dragging Louis away from a still laughing Eleanor. He kisses her before being dragged by Niall out of the front door. "Hang on!" Zayn shouts, rushing out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist. He spots me, rushes over, kisses me, says good morning and then runs after them. I shake my head and chuckle; tasting the mint of his toothpaste on my lips. "Ready?" I ask and the three girls nod. We all grab our handbags and head out of the apartment. Crystal had returned to wearing long sleeved shirts that were three sizes too big for her again. She had such a lovely figure but she hid it constantly. I press the button on the elevator and we all chat excitedly as it goes down.  "What time is Danielle meeting us?" Eleanor asks as the doors open. "She said to meet her in Costa at eleven." I tell her, pulling my sunglasses over my eyes as we step out of the apartment block. The four of us make our way down to the shopping centre and find Costa. We enter the shop that was nearly empty apart from an elderly couple.  "Hey!" Danielle calls out from the left side of the shop, a cup of coffee clutched in her hand. "Morning!" I say and hug her. She hugs Crystal, patting her back before pulling back and smiling compassionately. We all felt responsible for Crystal and we took it upon ourselves to always check up on her.  "Where to first?" Danielle asks excitedly. "I wanted to go and get a new pair of shoes," Eleanor says, looking over her shoulder at one of the many shoe shops.  "Me too, I'll come with you." Susie adds and then waves as the two of them head to the shop. "Was there anything you wanted?" I ask Crystal and she bites her lip. "I needed some new jumpers," she tells me, her voice low and shy. "Jumpers that actually fit you," Danielle says determinedly and chucks her now empty coffee cup into a bin outside of Costa. Crystal shakes her head with a small smile but Danielle hooks her arm through hers and we set off for the shops.   An hour later me, Danielle and Crystal are in the changing rooms of a shop when my phone rings. I'm halfway through putting on a dress so I leave it dangling on my waist and answer the call. "Hello?" I say. "Hey, where are you guys?" Eleanor's voice says through the phone. "Erm... hang on." I pull back the curtain on the dressing room and find a rather bored looking Crystal sitting on one of the stools. "What shop is this?" I ask and a man that works there gives me a snotty look. "Erm, Forever 21." She tells me and I smile thanks before closing the curtain again. "Forever 21," I tell Eleanor. "Right, we'll be there in two minutes and then we can go for lunch?"  "Sure, see ya." I say and she puts the phone down. I pull up the remainder of the dress and decide that I don't like it. I frown in distaste at it before taking it off and slipping into my normal clothes.  "Done?" Crystal asks with hopeful eyes as I pull back the curtain. "Yeah," I smile and she gives a sigh of relief. "Elle!" I shout into the changing room next to me and Eleanor's face appears. "Done," She smiles. "Right," I say and I go to put my dress back. Eleanor pays for her things and I can see Crystal bouncing her fingers over boxes of hair dye. "How much is this stuff?" She asks me and I glance at the price tags. "I'll take you to the salon if you really want it done. They can do it so much better," I tell her and a small smile plays at her lips. "We'll go after lunch, yeah?" I ask and she nods smiling.  "That would be great,"   
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