Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


43. Test

Crystals POV


*3 months later*

My fingers tremble as I lightly pick it up. I dont dare look at it. 
Oh my god. 
With teary eyes, I let it fall to the bathroom floor. I wince slithly at the sound it makes as it comes into contact with the tiles. I didnt want to know. I couldnt. What would I do? What would he do?
Oh god. 
I close my eyes and try to slow my racing heart, taking deep and slow breaths. Finally, I slowly bend down and pick it up. I stare at it. I couldn't see the right side. With shaking hands and erratic breathing, I spin it round so the small screen is visisble. 
"Oh my god," I whisper, dropping it to the floor again and closing my eyes in shock.
A pink plus sign.

No tears come. I don't know why.
I should be happy.
Should I? 
I don't know. 
What was I going to tell the girls?
The public?
Oh god, what would Niall say? He'd leave me. 
He wouldn't want to stay with me. I'd be holding back his career. 
His life.
What would he tell his family?
That he got a girl pregnant that he doesn't want to be with?
What would they think about me?
I hadn't met any of them yet and I don't think that turning up with a huge pregnant belly would be a great start as an introduction.
Oh my god.
What was I going to tell him?
What if he didn't want a baby?
Thousands of questions swarm my mind and I try not to freak out. A soft knock rasps on the bathroom door and I bite my lip; terrified it might me Niall.
"Crystal?" Perrie's voice calls through the door. Slowly, I unlock the bathroom door and stand there, biting my lip nervously. 


Susies POV
Crystal nervously chews on her lip, looking at each of us while waiting for a reaction.
"Congratulations Crystal!" Perrie shrieks, grinnning before enveloping her in her arms.
"How long have you known? Are you completely sure?" Perrie pulls back and eyes her cautiously. Crystal beckons us into the bathroom and over to the sink. Siting in the basin are 4 pregnancy tests, all of them positive.
"I found out this morning."
"So you haven't told Niall yet?" I question. She bursts into tears, falling to her knees and cradling them to herself on the floor. 
"Crystal, what's wrong?" Eleanor asks softly, bending down to her level. 
"I...I don't want to tell him. He won't want to have a baby at this age, or even more so with me!" She covers her face with her hands, her still fragile body shaking with sobs. We all gather around her in a tight hug. 
"Crystal," Eleanor says, pulling her hands away from her tear stained face.
"Niall loves you, this baby won't do anything to your relationship, apart from make it stronger!" 
"Are you sure? We really aren't ready for this, either of us!" She breaks down in tears again. It pained me so much to see her like this. Just at that point, my phone buzzed.

From: Harry x 
Hey babe! The boys and I were wondering if you and the girls wanted to come round later for pizza and a movie? Say 7:30? Love you darling! Bye! Xxxx

"It's Harry." I say, spotting everyone looking at me curiously.
"He and the boys want us to go over later for pizza and a movie. Crystal, I think this would be the perfect opportunity." I lock my phone and meet her eyes, offering a small smile. 
She immediately begins shaking her head frantically with a no.
"I can't, it's too soon. Please don't make me."
"Crystal," Perrie starts gently. 
"you have to tell Niall.  You can't leave it too long. Better to get it over with instead of keeping secrets from him. He'll be over the moon, I promise." She smiles at her consolingly. 
"Promise?" Crystal asks nervously.
"Promise." All 3 of us say and hug again. I help Crystal up and chuckle as Perrie, Eleanour and Danielle all begin to discuss everything; from names to room colours.

Eleanor's POV
We head over to the boy's at 7:30. I knock on the door and Niall answers, dressed in jeans and a dark t-shirt that was severly crumpled. 
"Hey girls!" His eyes light up at the sight of Crystal. "Hi princess. How are you?" He goes to step closer to her but then looks concerned when she doesn't give him an immediate answer. 
"Fine." She finally mumbles, looking at the ground. Niall looks devastated at her reaction. I know it must be hard on her, but seeing Niall like that really is hard. He hesistates for a moment before plastering on a smile and standing to the side, inviting us in. I see Lou at the top of the stairs. He runs down like a 4 year old on Christmas morning, even though it was only 2 days ago when we last saw each other. He wraps me in his arms.
"Hey Lou." I say smiling, pecking him on the nose. 
"Let's go through." He says with a smile, wrapping my hand in his and leading me into the kitchen.

Harry's POV

I hear a door slam and quickly log off my laptop and race down the stairs. I spot Zayn hugging Perrie and Susie standing talking to Niall. I haven't seen her in a week, and have honestly missed her so much. I run down the stairs and crash into her. I wrap my arms around her, burying my head into her hair, breathing in the comforting smell of her shampoo.
"I've missed you so much, babe." I say, my voice is muffled by her hair. 
"Me too!" She counters, pulling back and smiling impishly up at me. I place my lips gently onto hers. 
"Jeez guys, not again. There are other people here too." Niall grins walking past us. His smile immediately fades when he goes to kiss Crystal on the lips, but she then turns forcing him to kiss her cheek. I look at Susie curiously, who gives me a look and whispers that she'll tell me later.  We walk through into the kitchen where boxes if pizza are layed out on the counter. I take a seat next to Crystal, but when Niall goes to sit on her other side, she doesn't even acknowledge him. He looks heartbroken, I'm not sure if they've had an argument or something but Crystal's not one to give someone the cold shoulder. I feel an urge to just ask what it is, but hold on to the promise that time will tell. 30 minutes later, we're all gathered in the living room, deciding on a movie. 
"How about 'What to Expect When you're Expecting?" Liam asks sorting through a pile of DVD's next to the tv.
"No!" Crystal replys immediately. We all turn to look at her. 
"I, urm, I saw it already, it wasn't very good." She shifts in her seat uncomfortably. I see Niall itching to talk to her and I catch his eye. He gives me a pained expression but all I can do is shrug and slightly nod at Susie in my lap. He nods too, looking down at his hands in his lap; pain written all over his face. 

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