Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


75. Taken

Niall's POV

Standing up, I immediately begin to shout Calla's and Susie's names frantically. Rushing out of the bathroom I head across the hall and search all of the downstairs rooms. There was a baby gate on the bottom of the stairs so they couldn't be up there. Turning sharply on my heels I stop outside of the kitchen door. Through it, I can hear the muffled cries, shouts and fire engines coming from outside. I yank on the handle.
"Fuck sake!" I curse, kicking the door in frustration. It groans with the pressure. Bracing myself, I tense and take a few steps back. My shoulder burns as my side comes into contact with the wooden door. 
"Niall!" I hear Liam call and then Harry as they rush up behind me. I dismiss them as I ram into it once more.
"Bollocks!" I curse again, anger filling me. With one last run up to it, I push all of my fear, anger and adrenaline into my muscles. The door cracks off of the hinges and Harry kicks it sharply till it falls to the floor with a slam.
"Calla!" I scream, eyes wildly searching the kitchen. The flames had entered the kitchen now; pieces of ceiling beginning to fall from above. Coughing, I put my hands over my mouth and squint. The fire was making my eyes stream and I turn to see Harry and Liam gaping at the fire literally five metres away from us.
"Calla!" I repeat, stepping over burning wood to allow myself to reach the main kitchen.
"Susie!" Harry yells and I notice one of the cupboards nudge slightly. Bending down and coughing again, I pull open the large cupboard door. 

Crystal's POV

A white noise rings in my ears. 
I can't see straight.
I close my eyes. 

Suddenly, everyone around begins clapping and cheering. I hear Perrie gasp and say "Oh thank god" at the same time that El cheers. I let my eyes open a crack. Coming out of the front door was Harry. His clothes were black with soot; the same as his hair. He was limping slightly as he makes his way out of the door. It's only then that my eyes focus enough to see Susie cradled in his arms; her arms wrapped around his neck. Immediately, paramedics and firefighters rush over to him. The next out is Liam; he looked in the same state as Harry. His eyes trail over to us quickly and Danielle shouts his name before sprinting over. I watch as the two of them embrace. My chest tightens as no one else comes from the door.
"P-perrrie," I stutter, standing up. She was watching the door too; Zayn beside her. Her eyes were hopefull but the rest of her looked crushed.
"Niall!" I scream at the sight of him as he appears in the doorway. His clothes were torn and ripped; black with soot like his face and hair. Blood was trickling down his arm from his hand ferociously; staining his clothes even further. He looks up at the sound of my voice as I rush over to him. 
"Oh my god," I cry, looking at Calla's small unmoving body in his arms.
"C-Cee," I tremble. Her eyelids were closed, her chest rising and falling every so often; but it was more of a wheeze than a breath. Her pretty dress was crumpled and black with soot too. A graze marked her cheek and her knees were bleeding. I reach out to stroke her cheek but two paramedics take her from Niall's arms before I can touch her.
"Calla!" I scream, tears falling again. 
"Crystal, Crystal." Niall murmurs helplessly, as I go to follow them. I rush after the stretcher she was now lying on. An oxygen mask, far too large for her face, was pressed to her mouth. They wheel her into the back of one of the ambulances. 
"P-please you have to let me come. She's my daughter," I plead, trembling as they go to close the doors.
"I'm sorry, miss. We can't. She's being transported to be taken by air ambulance. We don't have enough room," The paramedic's face softens as she sees the desperation in my face.
"I promise we'll let you know where she is as soon as we can," She adds before looking at me once more and closing the door before the ambulance drives off; the piercing sirens filling the air. My heart falls even deeper in my chest; tears beginning to fall again. 
"Crystal," Niall comes up behind me and I press my hands to my face; sobbing violently.
They couldn't take her like that.
She was my daughter.
"She needs me, Niall." I cry as he draws me closer to his broad chest. I fist his t-shirt in my hands tightly as a wave of despair overtakes me.

"She needs me," 

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