Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


85. Sleeping Up There


Crystal's POV


"Are you going to tell me what happened?" Niall asks, walking into the living room whilst rubbing his still damp hair with a towel. I snuggle the blanket closer to my chin and look down, avoiding his gaze. When I don't answer, he sighs and sits down on the sofa opposite me.
"Crystal," He says, voice exasperated; reminding me off when he we first met and I refused to tell him what was going on inside my mucked up head. I shake my head once slightly, before reaching into my pocket for my phone. Finding it empty, I check the other. Then I check the coffee table and the sofa.
"Have you seen my phone?" I ask him, becoming panicked. Niall shakes his head at me, sighing. He goes to say something but I'm not listening, Instead grabbing his car keys from the coffee table. I jog out of the house and out into the drive way. Opening the car door, I try my best to keep sheltered from the rain as I search the car for my phone. Finding it empty, I frown and close the door. Locking it, I hurry back up the path and into the house again. I think back to earlier that afternoon. I gasp suddenly, dropping the car keys onto the floor in the hallway as it rushes back to me. 
I'd put my phone down on the wall beside me.
I'd left my phone.


Pacing around my room, I run my hands up and down my arm as thoughts thickly consume my mind. 
What the hell was I going to do?
What if he found it?
What would he do with it?

The thought of the vile man I once called Daddy grins sickly at me in my thoughts and I shake my head; shivering with fear.
My heart jumps at the thought and I rush out of the bedroom door and down the hall; bursting into Calla's room. She was sitting on her bed brushing the hair of a small doll. Her blue eyes find mine as she takes in my rugged state.
"Hey baby," I say softly, my nerves calming slightly at the sight of her safe. 
"Mummy," She smiles toothily at me before offering me a doll too. I take it and smile, sitting down on the small bed beside her. I fold my legs underneath me and take one of the tiny plastic brushes and begin to brush the hair. Before long, Calla asks me if I can brush hers. I smile and do so as she tells me what she did at nursery yesterday. 
"Bath time," I tell her, picking her up and taking her into the bathroom. She continues to tell me how she learnt how to spell her name once the bath has filled up. I place my hand in and check the temperature, before helping her get undressed. Lifting her in to the water, she giggles and blows bubbles at me and I laugh with her; but I can't help but shake that... feeling. I hated it. 
Lifting Cee from the water a while later, I wrap her in a towel and go to help her but she insists that she's 'a big enough girl to get dried on her own' so I go and stand infront of the bathroom mirror instead. Whilst she dries herself, I splash my face with cold water in an attempt to snap myself back into reality.
"Finished?" I ask her, turning to face her. She nods, grinning up at me. I hand her her bright pink pyjamas and she slips them on before sitting on the edge of the bath and letting me put her wet long  blonde hair into two plaits. 
"Mummy?" She asks, looking at me over her shoulder. Gently pushing her head back so I can continue plaiting I ask her what she's going to say.
"George said his mummy took him to go and see his nanny and grandddad." She ponders over this for a moment and I stop plaiting her hair, shocked.
"Where are my nanny and granddad? Can I see them, Mummy please? George said his nanny baked him a big big cake with his name on it and his granddad brought him a big toy truck for a present. Can I see my nanny and granndad please Mummy?" Cee's innocent words cause me to nearly choke on my tears and I let her hair fall out of my hand; feeling deflated. How was I going to explain this?

"B-but you have Nanny and Granddad already," I say, thinking of Maura's warm smile. 

"But Mummy, George said he had two Nannys  and two granddads. Can I see my number two Nanny and Grandad, please mummy?" Cee shows me two fingers to indicate her point. I shake my head and swallow back tears that were beginning to form.
"W-we can't baby," I say softly, regaining myself as I pick up her hair and begin to plait it again.
"Why not, Mummy?" She asks and in the reflection of the mirror I can see her small face crumpled in a frown.
"We can't, Cee." I tell her, slightly sternly. 
"Granddad... Granddad lives far away and I think he's too busy to see us." Telling her this breaks my heart. I wish I could take her to see my parents. I knew my mum had always loved children and she would have fallen in love with Cee the moment she met her. My dad was good with children too... But... He wasn't him anymore. Besides, I wouldn't want that poor excuse for a man anywhere near my baby. I wasn't going to put her in that kind of danger.
"But Daddy has a Nanny and a Granddad so why don't you, Mummy?" She asks, meeting my eyes in the mirror; pure innocence shining in them.
"My mummy isn't... She's sleeping, Cee." I exhale, trying to contain the tears.
"But can't we wake her up?"
"No, Cee. We can't. She's sleeping up there," I point upwards and her small head tilts upwards; following the direction of my finger.
"She's sleeping there with all the angels, in heaven, baby." I whisper the last part, leaning down and pressing a kiss to the back of her head.
"I want to sleep with the angels Mummy. So I can be with Nanny." She says, turning to face me as I fasten a hairband around the end of the plait.
"So do I, Cee. So do I," I whisper, letting a tear fall silently down my cheek as I hug her to my chest.



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