Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


53. Six In The Morning


Nialls POV

"What time is it?" I ask Louis, who is sat on the floor playing the Xbox.

"Er... ten." He checks before getting back to his game. I sigh and head into the bedroom, closing the door behind me. I drag my laptop onto the bed and then sit down infront of it. Crossing my legs, I switch it on and bring up Skype. I find Crystal and press call. A few seconds later, her face appears on the screen.

"Hey, Princess!" I exclaim, estatic to finally speak to her. I hadn't had the chance for three nights in a row as we had been so busy with the shows and the time difference only made things more complicated.
"Hey," She says softly, giving a small smile.
"How are you?" I ask her and she nods, pressing hands to her stomach.
"Good. I'm getting bigger day by day I swear," I can sense the unease in her voice that she tries to mask by laughing. 
"Crystal?" I sigh and bite my lip. She stops laughing and lets her eyes fall to the floor.
"What's wrong?" 
"I just... I miss you like hell." She sighs heavily, fiddling with her fingers. I run a hand through my hair; my chest hurting.
"I miss you too. So much sometimes it hurts." I chuckle deeply at myself and she gives me a sad smile; green eyes looking up into the camera. 
"How's everyone else?" Crystal asks, attempting to change the subject.
"Erm... Liam seems fine but I don't think he is. Louis hasn't stopped playing the Xbox to keep his mind occupied on something else. Zayn gets snappy and hasn't been sleeping and... well Harry is being kind of... distant lately." I inform her, thinking back to how he hadn't been talking much to anyone apart from when he had to.
"And the girls?" I counter. She shuffles on the bed before answering.
"Well I know Susie is having a hard time... she's not stopped worrying. Danielle's staying up North now for work and Perrie's been out preparing for her tour too... And El has been watching a lot of movies." She chuckles and I smile at the thought.
"I'll let you get some sleep now." She says with an impish smile.
"No offence but you look like hell." She chuckles and I glare.
"Love you too." I say, sarcastically, before bursting out into laughter.
"I love you too," She grins playfully before we say our goodbyes. 


Crystal's POV

I glance at the clock on the wall.
Ten to six in the morning.
I lean over the toilet and spew up. Again. I cough and splutter before finally standing up and brushing my teeth. 
"Eurgh," I groan, the bitter taste still filling my mouth. I head out of the bathroom and back into my room where I snuggle under the covers and watch the sun rising gradually through the window. My hands rest on my now large stomach which was bulging from underneath my top. I bite back tears. I had been so emotional lately with so many mood swings. One day I was happy and excited, the next angry at everything. Then I would be crying at stupid little things and the next I would just sleep all day. It was hard work. It was exhausting. But I'm sure it will all be worth it.

"Good morning everybody!" Perrie literally shouts, making me jump as she rushes into the living room. El was texting on the sofa beside me, jumping too at the sound of Perrie's voice.
"Jesus Christ, Perrie!" She exclaims. Perrie just laughs at her.
"I'm so excited!" She squeals. Today she had her first show with Little Mix; to kick start their tour. Me and El were going but Susie was going to visit her parents so she couldn't come. 
"Shouldn't you be leaving to get ready with the girls?" El asks, raising her eyebrows at Perrie. I chuckle as Perrie's eyes round out as relisation comes over her.
"Oh my God, yes! I totally forgot! Damn it I'm going to be so late!" She flutters around the room, panicking. 
"Go," I say, laughing and handing her her phone and keys.
"Thank you so much," She says, rushing over to the door.
"I love you!" She calls, closing it behind her.
"I swear she needs to have a watch permanately super-glued to her wrist," El chuckles with a shake of her head.
"I know." I agree, laughing with her. 

"Hey London!" Perrie says into her microphone as the girls all come onto stage; making the crowds go wild. Me and Eleanor were sitting in a box on the second level of the venue; the whole arena visible to us. We all clap and cheer as the girls begin singing. They were all amazing and so beautiful. I would kill to look like them and be as confident as they were with themselves. 


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