Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


18. Shock


"For fuck sake!" I cuss loudly, knocking a glass from the side. It smashes on the floor and I glare at it, anger overtaking me. 
"Niall, mate." Zayn says, rushing into the kitchen at the sound. 
"What's wrong?" He looks around the room for any signs of danger. I don't  bother to tell him. I bury my face in my hands, leaning my elbows on the counter. 
"Jesus," Zayn tuts as he looks at the television screen.
"This is Amanda Worth reporting for News at eight. Last night at the music awards, huge success boy band One Direction received an award for their latest album; Take Me Home. It was then seen that one member, nineteen year old Niall Horan, stormed off the stage and out into the lobby." I look up and see a picture of us all on the stage. My face is pained and I'm staring down at the tables.
"According to our reporters at the awards last night, a young girl, name not known, was seen fleeing after him. It looks like the same girl he entered with." An image of Crystal replaces the reporter and I gasp. It must have been because I was used to it because Crystals scars, cuts and bruises were all clearly visible.
"Did the teenage star beat her? According to our sources, the young girl looked terrified as Niall lead her into the venue. It appears that she was beaten by him quite severely and according on one of our inside sources; he beat her because she refused to go with him last night." Zayn cusses under his breath. Another picture of Crystal appears on the screen, this time of her being led into the toilets by Perrie; tears visible down her cheeks.
"Thank you for watching on-" Zayn switches the television off.
"Mate," he starts but I shake my head. 
"What am I going to do Zayn?" I ask.
"Do about what?" Liam says, walking into the kitchen. 
"This." Zayn chucks a newspaper at Liam and I watch as his eyes round out at the front page.
"Oh my god," he breaths. 
"You can't tell her!" I exclaim, looking at both of them. They both shake their heads at me.
"You can't hide something like this from her, Niall. Don't you think she's sick of being lied to?" Liam asks, eyebrows raises. I sigh and bury my face again. He was right. I sat with Crystal in the lobby whilst the awards carried on. I told her all about us; from the moment I auditioned for X Factor up until now. She took it all in silently. It shocked her... Definitely. But I think she was happy to finally hear the truth. 
"I know, I know." I breath out. 
"Where is she?" Zayn asks, looking out of the kitchen door.
"Asleep still," I nod at the stairs. 
"Perrie and Eleanor are in there too." I tell him and he nods. 
"I'll go get Perrie," Zayn says before creeping up the stairs. I wait with Liam anxiously; he finally appears with a rather sleepy looking Perrie in tow. 
"What's wrong?" She asks with a yawn, running her fingers through her messy hair. Liam shows her the paper and she gasps four times as she reads it. The same pictures had been used in the paper as they has on the news.
"That's disgraceful," she tuts, shooting me a compassionate look. 
"We have to tell Crystal though," Zayn explains and she sighs.
"That's probably best. She was crying because she didn't know anything last night." Perrie tells me, folding up the newspaper and tossing it onto the table. More guilt churns inside me. 
"I told her before we left," I say and Perrie nods with a small smile. Liam begins to makes tea on the other side of the kitchen.
"How did she take it?" He asks, his back to me as he stirs the cups.
"She didn't." I shrug.
"What happened?" Perrie asks.
"I told her, everything. From start to now. She didn't say anything at all. She was about to but then the awards finished and everyone started piling out." I think back to how her mouth was beginning to form words. Liam hands me a cup and does the same for Zayn and Perrie. 
"I'll go get her if you want," Perrie suggests, taking a sip of tea.
"She was awake when I came in." Zayn adds. I nod slowly and Perrie takes off up the stairs. 

Perries POV 

I nudge open the bedroom door and creep inside. The curtains were still drawn; the room a dim space. 
"Crystal?" I whisper, noticing Eleanor's sleeping body on the floor. Crystal sits up and runs a hand through her long hair.
"What's wrong?" She asks, concerned.
"Come with me," I whisper, extending my hand towards her. She bites her lip and stands up, makeup staining her cheeks from crying. She was wearing one of Niall's shirts that covered her skinny frame. Crystal creeps over to me, hopping over Eleanor and we head down the stairs. She doesn't ask any questions but I can tell by her eyes that she knows it's bad. 
"What's wrong?" She repeats, looking straight over at Niall. He bites his lower lip, obviously uncomfortable. Zayn comes up behind me and hugs me, his arms around my waist. I lean back into his chest and close my eyes: bracing. I listen as Niall hands Crystal the paper. There's silence for a long time. 
"Crystal?" Niall asks. I open my eyes and see her standing there with the paper in her hands, staring at the picture of herself on the front.
"Crystal?" He repeats when she doesn't answer. He looks at me, panicking, so I step over.
"Crystal, are you alright?" I place a hand on her shoulder and she drops the newspaper to the floor. 
"I...I... I'm so sorry," she says, her lower lip trembling. She falls to the floor and begins to sob violently  her small body convulsing with every cry. 

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