Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


45. Scared

Crystals POV 

I hear my name being softly called from outside Niall's bedroom door.I grab the white duvet with my hands and pull it up to my chin. It smelt of him. I was lying there in the dark with the curtains drawn, my tears still staining my cheeks. I long to have his warm strong arms embracing me. I hear my name again so I shuffle underneath the covers even more; the top of my head now the only thing visible. I close my eyes shut as the door nudges open.
"Crystal?" Niall's voice softly whispers. I bite my tongue, resisting the urge to respond to him. He stands still for a moment, his breathing the only thing letting me know he's still there. He pads over softly to the bed and sits down on the edge. I crack open my eyes slightly and spot him there; back to me.
"I know you're awake," he states, no humour in his voice. I sigh slightly and sit up.
"What do you want?" I ask, brushing my hair from my face and looking down at my hands in my lap. I fight the urge to lunge myself at him and cry into his neck while planing it with kisses.
"To talk." He says, making the hairs on my neck stand up. 
"About what?" I murmur, looking up as he turns to face me. His features shirt slightly in the dark; his blue eyes gleaming in the low light streaming through the slit in the curtains. 
"Us." I shift uncomfortably and sigh again.
"I'm sorry, Niall. I can't go now. I'll just go back to the apartment. Give me an hour and I can be out of your life forever." Tears form in my eyes as I think about leaving. He would never have to see me again. People wouldn't know what happened to me. I would leave, leave the country even. I'd leave behind all the people I love the most, but it would be right. Just so he wouldn't have to worry. People wouldn't suspect a thing. 
"Crystal." He sighs, exasperated. He runs a hand through his hair, tugging slightly at the roots. 
"Crystal, I don't want you to go anywhere." He reaches towards me but I pull away, watching the usual pained expression taking over his face. He retorts his features and closes his eyes.
"Why would you think I want you to leave?" He asks, opening them again and meeting mine. I look back down at my hands and chew on my lower lip.
"Because you don't want me. You don't want this baby, either." My voice cracks at the word and I try to keep myself composed. 
"Crystal," he repeats in that same exasperated tone, shuffling across the bed so that he's sitting cross legged opposite me. 
"I don't want you to leave. I do want you, and this baby, of course I do. Why can't you understand that?" His eyes plead with me but doubt still swarms my mind.
"You don't want me Niall, or this baby. It'll ruin your life," a lone tear trickles down from my eye. He uses his thumb to gently wipe it away. 
"I do Crystal. What do I have to do to prove it?" He wasn't looking for an answer. He knew there wasn't one. 
"Nothing," I sigh and he shakes his head. 
"Crystal, I'm terrified. Petrified. I won't be able to be there for you. Or the baby. What if something happens when I'm away? What if I can't do anything about it? Do you know how useless that makes me feel? To know that you'll be here and I'll be somewhere on the other side of the world? Do you not realise what that does to me? I'm scared, crystal. I really am and I know you are too. But I really want you to understand that I do care for you, I love you. Ad I promise you that I feel the same way about this baby." He entwines our fingers together and I glance at them; my skinny fingers in his large. 
"Please understand, Crystal." He kisses each of my knuckles individually and I curve one side if my lips up in an attempt at smiling. 
"I'm scared, Niall." I whisper. He positions himself next to me on the bed; laying down and pulling the covers over him. I do the same and he tucks it up to my chin. I smile and lay my head on his chest; listening to the steady beat of his heart.
"I know, Crystal, I know. I'm scared too. But we'll get through this, I promise you. You have the girls. They'll look after you I'm sure. We'll be fine. I can't believe we're having a baby." He whispers the last part to me and my stomach pings at the realisation. He then kisses my forehead before beginning to sing softly. I close my eyes and sleep overtakes me as his soft voice washes over me. 

Niall's POV 

I crack open my eyes, the sound of rain beating against the bedroom window. Crystal's head was still on my chest; her body curved to mine. She mumbles slightly, stirring in her sleep. I carefully slip out from underneath her; holding her head gently before resting it down onto the pillow. I stand watching her, she looks so small curled up. She has no idea of the love I feel for her. Inside me, I feel something else. I think, it's the love for the baby. It's curled up inside of her, no bigger then a grape. That baby is all mine and hers, it shows our love. I wish she could see that. I don't understand why she can't understand. Last night's conversation still swimming through my mind, I head down the stairs and aimlessly into the kitchen. Susie is cradling a cup of tea sat on the stools to the bar, Danielle leaning over the side. They were chatting quietly and Susie stops when she spots me walk in. Her body tenses and she takes a sip of tea, averting her gaze from me. I open the fridge and pull out milk, tipping it into a bowl with some cereal. Danielle tips the remainder of her tea down the drain and then turn to face me; slamming it down onto the draining board with a thud.
"Niall?" She says, eyebrow raised. I swallow my mouthful of cereal and lean against the kitchen counter, ankles crossed. 
"Hmm?"  I respond.
"Are you two..." She ponders for the word.
"Okay?" Danielle nods up at the ceiling and I drop my spoon, letting it hit the side of the bowl with a clang. I nod slightly, casting a glance at Susie. Danielle's phone begins to ring so she answers it and wanders out of the room. The stool squeaks on the floor as Susie stand up. 
"Susie, wait." I sigh, stopping her in her tracks. She slowly turns to face me, biting her lip.
"Niall, I'm-" She starts but I hold up a hand, silencing her.
"Susie, look. I'm really sorry. I feel terrible. I didn't mean what I said and I'm humiliated at the fact that I made a girl cry. I was just so... Angry and... Scared. I didn't mean to say those things and their not true. Please forgive me," I plead with her and she nods slightly. 
"I'm sorry too, Niall. You were right, I didn't have the right to say what I did." She sighs slightly. I shake my head and hold out my hand. 
"Friends?" I offer and a small smile appears on her lips. 
"Friends," She repeats, but instead of taking my hand, she pulls me into a hug. 
"Morning," Harry says, yawning and coming into the kitchen. 
"Oh," he says, spotting us. Susie pulls away from me and buries her face into Harry's chest. They hug before she stands on her tip toes and whispers something in his ear. He nods and pecks a kiss on her nose before she walks out of the kitchen and softly closes the door behind her.
"Harry, look-" I start but he shakes his head at me.
"Niall, I'm sorry. I was out of order to snap at you like that." 
"You were only defending Susie. I'm so sorry I upset her mate, I just..." I sigh deeply, placing the now empty bowl on the counter.
"I know, Niall. You're scared, I understand. I can't relate to be honest but I can imagine what it feels like. It's a big thing, mate." He places a hand on my shoulder, meeting my eyes with sympathy written all over them. 
"I'm sorry, Harry. I didn't intend to hurt her or you. I didn't mean any of the things I said. You're lucky mate, she's forgiving." 
"Neither did I," Harry smiles at me." If you think she's forgiving you should've seen her when I turned her white shirt pink!"
"I didn't know you too have moved in together?" I say with a raised eyebrow.
"We haven't, she urm," he scratches his head awkwardly,"she just stayed the night a couple of times." He grins cheekily. "I'm thinking if asking her though, what do you think?"
"Go for it! You two are great together."
"Thanks." We both turn as Liam walks into the kitchen.
"Good morning," he grins at us and Harry slaps my back before heading out. 
"Morning," I reply, sighing and placing my bowl and spoon into the dishwasher.
"You alright?" Liam asks, taking a glass and pouring orange juice, then taking a seat on one of the bar stools. I take a seat beside him and lean back on my elbows so I'm resting on the breakfast bar.
"Yeah, I guess. Confused, scared and slightly angry. " I admit with a sigh. 
"Angry at who?" He questions, eyebrows drawn before taking a drag of his bottle. 
"Why?" He places his bottle onto the counter, fiddling with the cap in his fingers. 
"I... I didn't intend for this to happen, Liam. I feel like I've ruined everything. Her, life, the baby..." I trail off.
"I won't be able to be there, Liam. I'll be constantly worried sick about her and the baby. If something happened whilst I was away..." I draw in a sharp breath at the thought.
"I wouldn't know about it straight away and I wouldn't be able to do anything about it." 
"Niall, mate. She'll be fine. You'll be fine. She has the girls, and you have us. You both have us all. Me and Dani, Zayn and Perrie, Louis and El, and Harry and Susie. We'll always be there for you. Everything will be fine, I promise." He takes on a serious tone, rubbing his head.
"Thanks, Liam." I let out the breath I had been holding and run a hand through my hair. 

Crystals POV

I pad down the stairs, one of Niall's shirts covering my body. I can hear two voices in the kitchen talking and more from the living room. 
"Good morning," Susie chimes from where she sits on the sofa. Perrie was doing her hair in the mirror, Eleanor was painting her nails on the sofa beside Susie and Danielle was flicking through the channels on the tv.
"Morning guys," I say, groaning and stretching. 
"Where are all the boys?" I ask, looking around for Niall. He wasn't there when I woke up this morning. 
"Niall's in the kitchen with Liam," danielle tells me. 
"Harry's in the shower," Susie adds. 
"So is Zayn." Perrie pins back her hair and then turns to me with a questioning look and small smile. 
"How are you guys? Did you talk?" She asks, heading over and sitting on one of the arm chairs. I sit down on the floor and nod my head.
"Yeah, we did." I say. 
"And..." Eleanor prods. 
"And..." I take in a big breath. 
"I told him I could be gone from his life. I would just need an hour to grab my stuff then I could be gone. He would never have to see me or the baby again." I look down at the floor and fiddle with the rug. 
"Surely he didn't agree to that?" Susie asks, shocked. I swallow and shake my head.
"No, no. He told me he wants me to stay no matter what. He's confused as to why I would want to leave." I frown slightly, still looking at the floor.
"Do you want to leave?" Eleanor asks me. 
"No, of course I don't. You guys are the closest to family I have. I don't have anything waiting for me outside this door. Nothing, or no one. I love Niall, I honestly do with all my heart. I just never feel... Good enough. For him. For any of you. I'm just a burden and this baby is going to make it twice as worse." I sigh and bite my lip, attempting to stop the tears from falling.
"Crystal!" Perrie scolds, jumping off of the sofa and down on to the floor beside me.
"You are good enough, of course you are. Don't think like that! We love you, Crystal. I know Niall does and I certainly know we do too." She takes my hand and squeezes it comfortingly. 
"Crystal, you don't need to change yourself to feel good enough. You'll always be good enough. And if people can't see that then they don't deserve to know such a beautiful, lovely and perfect girl like you." She grins at me and I smile back.
"Thank you, Perrie." I say and she shakes her head, clapping her hands. 
"Right, movie time!" 
I smile and take a seat on the sofa next to Susie who puts an arm round me.
"Right, Pitch Perfect!" Susie claims.
"Suuuusssiiieee," El groans, rolling her eyes at her with a smirk. 
"We watched that a couple of weeks ago! Fine put it in!"
I laugh at the girls, I'm so thankful for them. Susie settles herself on the sofa beside me again and rests her head on my shoulder.

Liam's POV
I walk around to the living room and peak my head through the door. The girls are all curled up on the sofa, watching a film together. It's pouring with rain outside so I guess it a going to be a lazy day for us all. I make my way back to the kitchen. The boys are all gathered around the table, clutching mugs.
"The girls are all watching a film and seem pretty settled. It's miserable weather so I reckon we should just relax today."
"Sounds like a plan!" Zayn replies.
"So Niall, looks like you're going to be a Daddy!" Harry chuckles making Niall blush a furious red. 
"Jeez, I'm still trying to get my head around it." He shakes his head and takes a sip of tea. 
"So, do you want a girl or a boy?" Louis questions.
"I know I'm supposed to say all I want is a healthy baby, but deep down I really want a girl. A little princess to spoil, you know."
"Well, with us as uncles she'll definitely be the most pampered girl on this planet!" We all laugh loudly. Just then the girls walk in.
"Films over." Danielle says, wrapping her arms around me.
"So how's Mummy and Daddy doing?" Susie asks, glancing at Niall and Crystal. 

Crystals POV 

Niall offer me his hand and I go to take it but he pulls me to him instead, burying my face into his chest. I breathe in the scent of him; warm, musky and the slight smell of tea lingers on his jumper. 
"I'm doing fine," Niall says, grinning over at Susie. She turns her smile to me, eyebrows raised. I chew on my lip and nod.
"Yeah, I'm good." I reply. She winks at me before heading over to Harry where they begin talking.
"What?!" I hear Eleanor exclaim suddenly from across the room. 
"El, let me explain-" Louis reaches his hand out to her, standing from the bar stool.
"Don't even bother, Louis." Eleanor storms out of the kitchen, Louis rushing after her. 
"What was that about?" Perrie asks Zayn. I see him exchange a look with Niall then with Harry and Liam.
"What?" Susie adds, she had seen the look too.
"We erm... We need to tell you something." Harry says, causing panic to strike me. 

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