Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


87. Psycho


Crystal's POV


I stare in disbelief as the car engine is switched on and the headlights beam to life; flooding the street in two beams of bright light. My mouth hands open slightly in shock as Harry steps back and the car pulls onto the road before speeding away and out of sight. 
"H-harry," I tremble, longing for my feet to move but when they don't I lift my hand up to my hair and tug on it anxiously. 
"Who was that?" Susie asks, walking past me towards Harry. I zone out as she and Harry have a hushed conversation at the end of the path.
"Princess?" Niall's soft voice says from behind me. I manage to turn slowly to face him, my eyes blank.
"Crystal, what happened?" He asks but I can't find my voice.


"How are you feeling?" Perrie asks me as I walk down the stairs the next morning laden in a huge t-shirt, my hair in a tangled plait and my eyes heavy and tired. I just shrug in response, too tired to explain, as I fill a glass with water and pop two paracetamol into my mouth. Perrie clears her throat as I take a gulp of water and swallow them, washing away the bitter taste.
"Crystal," By the way she says my name I can tell that she's wary of how I'm going to react to her next words.
"I know who it was." She says, staring at me. My heart skips slightly as I register her words. I place the glass gently on the counter and turn to face her; biting my lip.
"It could only be him, Crystal. I've known you too long to know that it's affected you and I can't think of anyone else that would affect you this much." She continues to make eye-contact with me as a million thoughts rush through my clattered mind.
"Have you told Niall?" I manage to finally splutter. To my surprise, she slowly shakes her head.
"I wouldn't do that to you, Crystal. But you need to tell him." She looks at me sympathetically and I run my hands over my face with a huge sigh.
"What am I meant to say, Perrie?" I exclaim, throwing my hands around in total exasperation.
"What just... Oh hey, just wanted to let you know that the psychopathic, violent and mentally unstable man that was once my father has my phone and now happens to know where we live! And by the way, he's most likely going to come back sometime soon and cause a lot of trouble! Is that what you want me to say?!" I nearly scream the last part. 
"Oh, Crystal." Perrie says, walking towards me with open arms. She holds me to her chest whilst running her hand gently down my head; reminding me of how my mother used to hold me when I was upset.
"I just... I thought everything was... perfect and now... Now it's all going wrong again." I sob into her and she hushes me whilst gently rocking from side to side.
"It's fine, Crystal. I'll tell him if you want?" She asks, pulling me back so I can look up at her face. She smiles sympathetically and I debate for a moment before sighing and wiping my eyes. 
"Yeah, I guess that would be easier." I sniff, nodding and dreading what was bound to come.


I was curled up on the sofa with Calla; a blanket draped over both of us. We were watching a Disney Princess Film and Calla was attempting to sing along to the words, causing me to chuckle. Suddenly, I can hear someone shouting Niall's name and pairs of feet crashing violently down the stairs. Frowning, I pause the film as the door to the living room bursts open.
"Niall!" I hear Perrie call, running down the stairs too.
"Him! Really, Crystal? Why didn't you tell me?!" Niall shouts as he rushes inside, making both me and Cee jump.
"I'm sorry, Crystal. He just-" Perrie tries to push past Niall but his towering frame stops her at the door.
"Go and see what Darcy is doing, baby." I say gently to Calla who nods, placing her thumb in her mouth, slips down from the sofa and runs over to Perrie. Perrie gathers her in her arms before shooting me a concerned look over Niall's shoulder. I shake my head and grip the blanket in my fists and I sit up straight. Perrie turns away and I can hear her talking gently to Cee. Niall looks torn for a moment before his eyes snap back to me.
"Why didn't you tell me, Crystal! He could hurt you! Us! Or Cee!" In that moment of Niall screaming those words at me, I realise that he was right; I was putting my daughter in danger.

"I could have done something!" He shouts and I stand up, the blanket falling to the floor.

"Like what, Niall? Huh? What could you have done?" I shout back, unexpected anger rising within me.

"I don't know, Crystal! Something, at least! Maybe taken our daughter away from here! To my mums or... something I don't know! But to get her out of danger!" He throws his arms around as his eyes bore into mine.

"I thought we'd been through this, Crystal! At least a thousand times before! You can tell me anything! Tell me if you're scared! Tell me if you're worried! And I will do everything in my damn fucking power to make it all better! Why can't you understand that? He could have hurt her, Crystal! That sick psycho could have hurt her! Or you! Do you really want that for your baby?" His wild eyes search mine and I stutter in protest. 
"Niall I-" I start, feeling tears filling my eyes.
"Don't," He exclaims, holding up a hand to me. Then he looks up, eyes full of disappointment and my heart sinks as he turns and leaves. 

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