Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


59. Practise

Crystals POV 

"Good morning, princess." Niall whispers in my ear; making me smile. 
"Morning," I say opening my eyes, voice coarse. 
"Come on, get up!" He tugs on my hand like a small child, pulling me up from the bed. 
"What, why?" I groan, snaking my hand away and pulling my hair into a pony tail instead. 
"We're going out!" He says excitedly, dragging me by the hand towards the room door. 
"Where to?" I question as he pulls me outside and shuts the door. He doesn't answer, instead pulling me towards Louis' room down the hall. 

"Morning guys!" Niall shouts into the apartment. It smelt of bacon, coffee and suncream. Everyone was already there, dispersed out around the room; doing various things. 
"Morning," El says to us, smiling at me. She was sat infront of a mirror; a pretty woman behind her with hair tools in her hands. She had white hair that was pulled back into a messy bun, tendrils falling loosley around her face. 
"Morning, Niall." The woman says, winking at Niall then turning to me with a smile as we approach her and El. 
"I'm-- Lux!" She shouts, dropping the hair tongs onto the floor and beginning to step towards the door. 
"I've got her its okay," Niall says, running back towards the room door and swooping up something in his arms. 
"Sorry." She huffs in relief, bending down to pick up the tongs and returning to El's hair. 
"I'm Lou." She smiles warmly at me.
"And this is Lux." Niall adds, coming to stand beside me again. I look down and see the small baby girl nestled in his arms, clinging to his vest.
"Hey, sweetie." I say softly, bending down and stroking her cheek. She squirms slightly then giggles, reaching out to me. I look unsurely up at Niall then at Lou who smiles and nods. 
"You'll need the practise." She grins at me, nodding at my stomach. I smile too and carefully take the small girl into my arms.
"Hello," I coo, resting her on my hip. She grabs onto the strap of my vest top; looking up in wonder at my face. 
"She likes you," Niall notes with a grin, standing on the other side of me and bouncing her tiny fingers in his large hands. It's only then that I notice the whole room has gone silent. I look up to see them all staring... At us. 
"Aw you two are going to be amazing parents, I can see it." Perrie exclaims, smiling broadly. 
"You will be," Liam agrees, taking Danielle into his lap.
"You're just so cute!" Danielle chuckles, making me blush. Lux sticks her chubby arms out to Niall who takes her and places her gently on his shoulders.
"Ready?" He asks, cocking an eyebrow up at her. She claps her hands together and grins; giggling as Niall runs around the room making aeroplance noises.
"I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to meet you yet," Lou says, combing a section of El's hair and pinning it back.
"I've been off to take care of Lux but I flew out here last week to be with the boys." She says.
"And a bloody good thing you did too," Harry says from where he sits beside Susie on the sofa.
"That other stylists was getting on my nerves. She had the sense of humour of a cabbage," He complains, rolling his eyes. The rest of the boys agree and Lou chuckles.
"Good to know I was missed." 
"You were," Niall says, returning to my side with Lux still on his shoulders.
"And so was this little one." He adds, bringing the baby down and into his arms where he spins her around; making her giggle even more.
"My poor baby's going to be bored tonight when you guys have an interview." Lou says sadly, spraying hairspray carefully into El's hair.
"I'll take care of her if you want," I suggest, smiling at Lou shyly.
"Are you sure? Only if it's not a problem? It's just that I have to do two shifts tonight; one for the boys and one for Little Mix too." She says, smiling at Perrie in the reflection of the mirror.
"Of course," I reply, smiling broadly at the prospect.
"I'm going to watch the boys interview anyway so Lux can keep me occupied," I tell Lou who smiles.
"She is a hand-full sometimes, so be warned." She chuckles, looking warmly at Lux who was playing with Niall on the floor. 

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