Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


69. Petal

Zayn's POV

Kicking at the dirt, I trail down the dark street. No one else was around apart from me and the sounds of a vicious dog barking in the distance somewhere. The glow of the streetlight flickers on and off warily as I pass underneath it; casting dancing shadows over the pavement. I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket but I ignore it, gritting my teeth as I wander past an alley way. I snap my eyes up at the sound of a door opening. Frowning, I look back down again; dismissing it. The sound of someone muttering under their breath causes me to lift my eyes again; squinting through the darkness. 
"What a pleasure to finally meet you," The person hisses, venom in their tone. I stop and frown at them; their identity hidden by the swarming darkness. 
"Excuse me, do I know you?" I say keeping my jaw tight.
"I don't suppose your naive little mind can process who I am could it? It would burst with the pressure," The voice sneers, stepping forward so the light coming from the streetlight behind me casts an orange glow onto his face. I recognise him; the dark hair and distinct scar. 
"Tyler," I growl, anger coursing through me. Perrie had told me about him. How he was controlling. That's why she was so hesitant to go public with our relationship at first.
"Well done," He says mockingly, clapping his hands slowly.
"Why are you here?" I demand, struggling to keep my temper controlled.
"I suppose I could ask you the same thing," He ponders, looking up at the night sky.
"Why would a boy like you be out at this time of night?" His harsh gaze turns to me again and he cocks a dark eyebrow.
"It doesn't concern you," I retort as he steps closer to me. I can smell the tinge of alcohol on his breath as it washes over my face.
"Oh, but it does." A smug smile creeps onto his lips.
"Why are you here?" I repeat, locking gazes with him. 
"I just wanted to say hi from Q," His voice causes my chest to tighten.
"Q?" I manage to splutter, drawing my eyebrows together.
"Yep. She wanted to say thank you for what you said last night," He smirks even more, eyes twinkling with amusement. 
"It… It was you," I breath out. He chuckles at my words deeply, his broad chest rising and falling. 
"So he does have a brain," Tyler chimes.
"Well I guess the saying 'Beauty but no brains' is proven wrong here on this fine night." His words tumble over me and the next thing I know his fist is pounding into the side of my head.

Perrie's POV

Wrapping my jacket tighter around me, I shiver against the cold night air. It was summer but the nights were still harsh. Pulling out my phone from my pocket, I check it for the hundredth time for any communication from Zayn. Sighing, I slip it back into my pocket. I look up ahead; eyes squinting in the darkness. I spot two figures in the distance, the light from the streetlight illuminating their bodies. I approach them; grunts and curses emitting from their throats as they wrestle with one another. The larger one pins the other up against the streetlight, the contact making him wince.
"I swear to god if you ever-" The man's voice sifts down the short distance between us and I instantly recognise it, my heart speeding up.
"Zayn!" I cry, running towards them both. I stop a few feet away and the one pinned up against the streetlight looks at me over Zayn's shoulder, grinning as he looks me up and down. My breath catches in my throat as the light hits his face. The distinct jagged scar tracing through his dark eyebrow. 
"How nice of you to join us," Tyler smirks at me, blood trickling down from his nose. 
"Zayn," I repeat, rushing over and placing my hand on his flexed shoulder. His eyes were dark and his face was contorted as he solely focuses on Tyler. 
"Perrie, go." He orders through gritted teeth.
"We don't want you in any danger Petal, do we pretty boy?" Tyler mocks Zayn causing more anger to wave through him. I gasp and stumble back as Zayn pummels Tyler's face with his fist. Tyler soon recovers and lifts his knee up; wrenching it into Zayn's abdomen. He crumples to the floor, clutching his stomach in agony.
"Oh my god," I splutter, dropping to the pavement and placing my hand on Zayn's side.
"Zayn, Zayn! Are you okay?" I stutter, running my hand over his face. The only response I receive is a groan. 
"What the hell are you doing here, Tyler?!" I shout as I stand up, surprising him and myself. I see the flicker of sadness in his eyes before they darken quickly and he glares at me coldly.
"Am I not entitled to live here now?" He cocks his head to the side, arching an eyebrow. Annoyance tumbles through me and I grit my teeth; the years of pain he caused me resurfacing.
"You're not entitled to come near me or Zayn!" I roar at him. He chuckles deeply, only causing more anger. Zayn stands up and clenches his fist; ready to swing again.
"Zayn," I say, grabbing his arm in a feeble attempt to stop it. His eyes travel down to mine, his features softening.
"He's not worth it." I murmur, gently lowering his arm to his side.
"It wasn't me, Perrie." Zayn clenches his jaw as he stares back at Tyler. A trickle of blood trails down his cheek from where I can see a faint purple bruise already beginning to form around a cut.
"It was him. He sent the messages." 
My heart rises to my throat as it all comes into place.
"You… You… How could you be so pathetic?" I shout, spinning round on my heels and prodding Tyler in the centre of the chest. 
"Do you not have a life of your own to deal with? I have nothing to do with you anymore, Tyler!" Tears of anger brim over my eyes and I bite my lip in an attempt to stop them from falling.     
"You need to move on, Tyler! Stop living in the past! Do something with your life instead of terrorising mine!" I feel nauseous as he chuckles again; the pang of alcohol reeking on his breath.
"Oh, I'm just getting started Petal." He smirks before turning and stalking away; leaving me with an uneasy feeling as I watch him slowly disappear into the darkness. 

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