Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


73. Panic


Crystal's POV

Paying for the plates I step out of the shop and start the five minute walk back to the house. As I round the corner I can hear shouts, screams and people talking loudly. I frown in confusion. It sounded like there was a fight or something. Turning down the corner of the street I squint in the sunlight up ahead. I could see crowds of people in the street and on the pavement. My heart jumps as I recognize the faces. 
Why was everyone from Calla's party outside?
What the…
Scrunching up the end of my long dress in my fist, I pick up pace as I rush down the street towards them all.
"Niall?" I call over the noise, the scent of gas and smoke coming into the air. Searching the crowd for his face, I swallow nervously as I realise I can't see him.
"Crystal!" Someone calls and I push through everyone to see Perrie rushing towards me. She looks flustered and a huge graze streaks her right cheek.
"Perrie," I gasp, hand flying to my mouth.
"What happened?" I exclaim, looking over her. She was cut in several other places too; a tear in her top near her rib-cage.
"The… T-the…" She trembles obviously shaken up.
"Crystal you need to stop Niall." She finally manages to say, grabbing my forearm and pulling me nearer to the front of the house. I let her guide me and I can see the garden gate is flung open. I gasp at what I see. Tables, chairs and furniture that had been set up earlier that day are strewn around; some broken and what appear to be burnt. The strong smell of gas and smoke fills my nose as my pulse quickens. I pull from Perrie's hold and step towards the gate, allowing myself to see more of the garden. 
"Oh my god," I nearly scream. Flames were protruding from where the BBQ once stood, consuming the whole wooden fence lining the side of the garden. The grass is black and smoke is pouring from the flames, spiraling up above the house and clouding the sky. Coughing as the smoke drifts over, I snap my eyes away as shouting and screaming emits from behind me. Turning sharply on my heels I see El and Dani both rushing over.  Following where they head to, I spot Niall trying to desperately run towards me but both Louis and Liam are pushing him back in an attempt to stop him.
"Niall!" I call running over. I place my hands on his chest and look up at him, his eyes wild and his hair a mess. He was sweating and his face was panic-stricken.
"Niall, Niall. Look at me," I say softly, running my hand along his face till he tears his gaze from the house and to me. 
"Calm down." I soothe, but inside I feel how he looks.
"Crystal, I can't!" He shouts, pulling away and running a hand down his neck tensely.
"Calla's in there!" 



My ears ring as his words wash over me.
"What?" I scream, panic taking over my body. I begin to shake uncontrollably. Tears falling quickly down my face.
"She's- She's in there?" I turn and immediately sprint over to the gate and through into the garden. The heat from the flames emanates and I can feel it heavily on my skin as I gasp. The flames were surrounding the back door and engulfing the wooden frames that surrounded the windows and doors. My breath catches in my throat as I shield my face with my arm from the spits of burning wood the fire is throwing out.
"Crystal!" Niall shouts, rushing up behind me and grabbing an arm around my waist.
"Calla!" I scream, pounding my fists onto Niall's arm as he drags me backwards out of the garden. My tears cloud my vision and my throat seizes up. 
"Niall let me go!" I shout, trying with all my strength to wrench his arm from my body.
"Crystal! You can't go in there!" He shouts back at me, spinning me around to face him. He lets go and I go to say something else but he pushes past me and heads back through the gate.
"Niall!" My throat squeezes with the effort to shout at him; the smoke clinging to the back of my throat.
"Crystal!" Perrie and El both grab onto me, pulling me back away from the gate as I try to follow after him.
"You can't let him go in there!" I scream at Louis, Zayn and Liam. 
"Liam, don't!" Dani shouts too as Liam rushes into the gate after him. 
"Susie!" I hear Harry's desperate voice sift through the crowd.
"Susie!" He repeats, running over to us. His hair was matted and grey from the smoke; eyes wild and frantic.
"Where is she?" He demands, eyes quickly scanning the crowd around us. People were coming out of their houses from the street and peering cautiously at the flames slowly rising higher and higher from the garden. 
"She told me… She said she was going to get a drink and then…" Eleanor creases her eyebrows and then shock and fear overtakes her face as something strikes her.
"She went inside and that's when the… When the flames started." El almost murmurs the last part, looking down at the floor in shock.
"You mean she's in there?" Harry booms at her, panic striking his face. El looks up at him and nods slowly.
"Harry you can't go in there!" Perrie shouts at him as he pushes through the crowds and disappears; not bothering to look back. 


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