Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


55. Newspapers


Crystal's POV 


A knock sounds at the door and I take a sip of tea as Susie and El come into my bedroom. It was ten in the morning and I had been up since seven watching tv; attempting to keep my mind off things.  
"Morning," Susie says, appearing uneasy. I furrow my eyebrows as the two of them walk over to the bed, sitting down cross-legged on the end. I mute the tv and take another sip of tea, keeping my eyes on both of them.
"What's wrong?" I ask and El looks at Susie, the two of them exchanging a look. Susie sighs and pulls something out from behind her back.
"We thought you should see this," She says gently, placing a folded in half newspaper in front of me on the duvet. I frown again and put my mug down on the bedside table; gingerly picking up the newspaper. Feeling both El and Susie's eyes firmly on my face, I unfold it and scan the front. 
"What?" I ask, not seeing anything. Susie and El exchange another look and El reaches forward, pointing to the section on the right of the newspaper; next to the main headline. I gasp and my eyes round out at what I read.

El's POV

I wince as the devastation shines through her face and eyes. She looks down at the newspaper in despair, turning the pages until she reaches the double spread article. There was a huge picture of Niall and Crystal together a few weeks ago and then next to it was a picture of her Scan pictures on the floor outside of the hospital.
"How did... How... they..." She trembles, obviosuly hurt. She takes a deep breath and folds the newspaper, chucking it roughly onto the floor.
"I guess it's better for them to know now. I just wished it had been done a different way." She sighs and meets my eyes then Susie's. 
"You still need to confirm it though, it's just rumours at the moment." Susie tells her and she nods slowly, understanding.
"I know, I know." She pushes up off the bed and slips her feet into her slippers; picking up her mug and heading out of the room. I shoot a concerned look at Susie before getting up and following after her.



Susie's POV

I had just walked through my front door when my phone began to ring. I pull it from my back pocket and answer,  greeted with Perrie screaming down the line. 
"Susie! You were supposed to be up 5 minutes ago! Have you packet yet?" She demands, sounding like an angry mother. 
I chuckle at her, she was obviously so excited. We all were. Tomorrow at 8am we were catching a plane to go to LA to be with the boys for 2 whole weeks. It would be the first time we'd spent more then a week with them for 7 months. 
"Calm down Perrie! I've just got though my door, and am about to start packing. I'll be up in 20 minutes."
"Ugh! Fine, no more then 20!" She puts the phone down on me with a huff. 
I collapse onto my sofa, still laughing softly to myself at her. I immediately jump up and run into my bedroom, I don't fancy being scolded by Perrie again to be honest. 
I pull my suitcase out from under my bed, and throw it open. Opening my cupboard, I grab shorts, shirts, skirts and dresses. It was bound to be boiling in LA.  I finish packing in 15 minutes, zipping my suitcase with relief. I still have 5 minutes, so I go in and sit on my sofa. I feel like a little kid again, my stomach is filled with butterflies. I still can't believe this time tomorrow I'll be with Harry. I've grown so close with him and the boys. We've Skyped almost every night, but last night was different. He just texted me, and I was worried. So I texted Niall, who just said Harry hadn't really been himself lately. 
I glance at my watch, seeing I was supposed to be up at the girls 5 minutes ago. I wasn't really looking forward to seeing Perrie.
I grab my handbag, and throw all the stuff in it I'll need for the plane. Keys, iPhone, wallet, passport. Checking to make sure I had everything, I close the door. I emerge out of the lift, and walk over to the girls flat. No fewer then 10 seconds after I knock, the door is thrown open.
"Susie! You're here!" Crystals screams. I go to hug her, but am unable to because of her ever-growing bump.
"I swear you get bigger every day Crys. Niall's going to be so excited!" I chuckle, following her into the apartment. 

We spend the rest of the night discussing what the boys reactions will be.
"El, I think Lou's gonna scream! It will be like a child you've just given a new toy too. I can't wait to see!" Crystal says, grinning as she  paints her nails. 
"I know," El chuckles, with a shake of her head.
"Susie I seriously think Harry's going to flip." She adds, looking over at me. I chew on my lip, heaving slightly with a sigh.
"I don't think so." My voice is low and soft.
"Why not?" Danielle asks, frowning at me in confusion.
"He's... Last night Niall said he'd been distant lately, not really talking to anyone." I shrug and look down at the floor.
"But that's because he misses you!" Perrie exclaims. I smile slightly.
"I guess but... what if he's still like that when we get there?" 
"He won't, trust me." Crystal says, smiling knowingly. 

Crystal's POV

I sit down on the plane seats next to El. Susie and Dani were behind, Perrie upfront with her bandmates. We were all flying together as it would be easier. 
"Where are you guys staying?" Jade, from Little Mix, turns around in the seat infront to smile at me. 
"Erm... The Pandora I think." I say, struggling to remember the name.
"We stayed there last year when we came to LA!" Jesy turns in her seat too, grinning at us. 
"It looks so posh," El says, plugging in one of her earphones to her phone.
"It was. Real nice though, you'll love it." Jade adds, smiling once more before turning back around as the flight attendants come down the aisles; asking everyone to fasten their belts. I had never been on a plane before... I wasn't sure how to feel about it. I just about manage to fasten the seatbelt over my bump with help from a chuckling El. 

"Floor 16?" Perrie double checks and the receptionist nods with a bored expression. A group of workers come along, offering to take our bags for us. They do so and dissapear into the lift. We get into the other lift beside them, waiting as it ascends. 
"Do we all have separate rooms?" I ask as the doors open to reveal a long hallway. Perrie looks down at the pile of papers clutched in her hands.
"I'm staying down the end with Jesy, Jade and Leigh-Anne are in the next, then El and Crystal and then Dani and Susie." She explains. 
"What room are we?" Danielle asks as we step out of the lift.
"Erm... 42D." She replies. Danielle nods and her and Susie begin talking as they head off to theirs.
"Crystal, we're 41D," El says to me. We wave goodbye to the other girls and head into our rooms, settling down before going to sleep for the night.

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