Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


51. Miss


Crystal's POV

The sound of someone playing the guitar wakes me up. I smile to myself, recognizing the tune. I sit up and crack open my eyes; seeing Niall sitting on the floor with the guitar resting on his lap.
"Niall?" I say softly, making him pause. He turns to face me with a small smile.
"Sorry if I woke you, Princess. I couldn't sleep." He sighs heavily, face falling. 
"Hey," I get up and crawl across the bed, slipping down on to the floor and sitting down opposite him on the bedroom floor.
"Don't look so upset." I whisper gently and he goes to say something but I cover his mouth with my hand; silencing him.
"Play," I instruct quietly, pulling my hand away. A sad smile creeps onto his lips and he begins to play again.
"That boy, take me away into the night. Out of the hum of the streetlights and into a forest." I sing gently as he plays.
"I'll do whatever you say to me in the dark. Scared I'll be torn apart by a wolf in a mask of a familiar name on a birthday card." We sing together; our voices meshing into one.

"What day do you get back?" Perrie asks as we follow the boys up to the security gates.
"September 20th," Zayn replies, clutching her hand tighter. My heart squeezes. That was... so far away.
"It'll be okay," Niall whispers in my ear, sensing me tense up. I take a deep breath and my hand trails down to my stomach absentmindedly. We approach the gate and the area has been sectioned off so thankfully no one can see us. Time slows down as I slowly watch all of the boys say goodbye to the girls. Niall stands and watches with me; until all of them have left and disappeared past the security gate apart from Louis who still clings to El. 
"I love you, Crystal." He says finally, turning to face me. He caresses my cheek with one hand, pressing our lips together a second later.
"Niall, you need to go." I whisper as we break apart. Lou puts his hand on Niall's shoulder and slowly pulls him away. He kisses my knuckles before turning around and following Lou up to the security gate. He turns at the last moment and waves to me before he disappears out of sight. My heart sinks and my stomach pings as Perrie leads me out of the airport and back into the car, where I let the tears fall down.


Eleanor's POV

The ride home from the airport was mostly silent, only broken by the occasional muffled sob. 
"How about some music?" I suggested attempting to lighten the mood. A murmur and a nod from each of the girls was the only response I got. I turn the dial and the radio crackles to life.
"And next up," The radio hosts voice begins booming into car.
 "A smash hit from everyone's favourite. Here's One Direction's Little Things!" 
I quickly smashed the dial, causing the car to yet again become engulfed in silence. I heard whispers from behind me and turned to see Susie, clutching her face; trying to hide the tears. I give a look at Danielle, and she nods, gently wrapping an arm around her and murmuring into her ear. It must be hard for Crystal and Susie, the boys first tour. I think back to the first time I had to say goodye to Louis... It was definitely tough. I slowly pull up and bring the car to a stop on the road outside the apartment. I offer Danielle to come up to our apartment, which she accepts. We walk slowly towards the lift. 
"Movie night?" Perrie suggests as we all step inside the lift and the doors slam shut. 
"Sure," I reply when nobody else does. A girlie night in was definitely going to cheer us up.  I look at Susie, who's been in silence since saying goodbye to Harry. The doors open again on the second level and she goes to step out.
"Come up later if you feel like it." I say, looking at her sympathetically.
"I'll be up in about 30 minutes." She replies with a sigh. 
"See you soon."
The doors close and we stand in silence until they open again on the third floor. We walk into the apartment and all scatter about the living room and kitchenette. 
"When is it they're back?" Perrie asks to no one in particular from the sofa.
"20th September." Crystal replies from where she sits on one of the bar stools. 
"It's the day before Susie's birthday." She adds, causing me to gasp loudly.
"What's wrong El?" Danielle looks at me worriedly. 
"Well, you know the boys often get back from these things a day or so late... What happens if Harry misses Susie's birthday? They'll both be devastated!"
"We'll just have to make sure we have something great planned!" Crystal says with a small smile. 
"Urgh, great. I'm bound to be huge by that time." She sighs and slumps onto the counter. The rest of us chuckle at her. 

"I'm going to check on Susie!" I announce, nearly an hour later. I head out of the apartment door and check my phone. She hadn't called or texted to say she wouldn't be up. I make my way over to the lift and press the button. I emerge onto the 2nd floor a few moments later. I tread over to Susie's door and lightly tap. No answer. After trying twice more, I pull over the plant pot for the spare key. I unlock the door, and step inside. The apartment is consumed by darkness. The curtains are pulled and the lights are off. I spot a huddle of blankets on the sofa so I pad over, softly calling Susie's name. The huddle shuffles slightly and Susie's tear-stained face appears; eyes wide. 
"You'll be okay," I whisper to her in the darkness, sitting down beside her and letting her cry. 

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