Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


56. Maids


Crystal's POV


"Guys," Someone hisses, opening the door to our room.
"Huh?" I hear El mumble from the other side of the room, voice muffled by her duvet. 
"Guys, wake up." Perrie's voice gets louder as her footsteps draw closer.
"What?" I ask, rubbing my eyes and sitting up in bed; cradling my stomach. 
"I have such a good idea," She grins, bright eyes lighting up.

 "Are you sure this is going to work?" I ask sceptically, looking at each of the girls in turn. We had come over to the boy's hotel. But there was a catch. We weren't ourselves.
Well we were, but not in our appearances. We all had on maid outfits; mine drowning me to hide my bump. They were classic outfits; down to the knee black dresses with a white apron and white cap to cover our hair. We had covered our faces with a thin black lace to match the outfit; slits over our eyes the only thing visible. I hold back a laugh and shake my head. El was holding a mop and bucket, Perrie holding a dust pan and brush, I was holding a huge washing basket and Danielle was pushing a large trolley of cleaning products with Susie. Taking a deep breath, I look at Perrie once more before knocking on the hotel door. 


Niall's POV 


Opening the room door, five women appear. They were all holding some sort of cleaning equipment and had on maids outfits. I turn and shoot a look at Liam over my shoulder who just shrugs in confusion. I turn back at the sound of someone clearing their throat. 
"We are maids. We are here to clean your room for you," the one at the front says with a strange foreign accent. Her face was concealed, her eyes the only thing visible.
"Erm, thanks but we don't need any clea-" I'm cut off by another one of the women.
"Nonsense, child. We will be ten minutes." She waves her hand at me before pushing me out of the way. I hold the door open further, letting them all in. Louis furrows his eyebrows at me but I just shrug. I had no idea what they were doing. I wander back over to the sofa, where I sit down and continue watching tv with Louis. 
"What exactly are they doi-" Louis stops mid word at the sound of something crashing to the floor. An innocent and high-pitched 'whoops!' comes afterwards.
"Are you okay?" Zayn asks them. I watch as the shortest girl there bends down to sweep it up.
"Sorry about that, my sister here is terribly clumsy. Don't mind her!" Another announces, sweeping up the shards into a dustpan and brush. Zayn turns back around and cocks an eyebrow at me from where he sits slumped on the other sofa. I shift my gaze to Harry. He was sitting on the sofa beside me, long legs spread out and phone in hands. He was frowning down at it, his lips red and sore from where he had been constantly chewing on them for the past few weeks.


Harry's POV


"Why aren't you answering me? x" 
I press send and watch as the seventh text I've sent Susie this morning goes through. It says it's delivered. But not read. None of them were. Why wasnt she answering me? Had I done something wrong? Had something happened? Worry coarses through me so I finally decide to leave it for a while and throw my phone in frustration. It lands on the sofa where Zayn was sitting but he just leaves it, shooting me a look. I shake my head before sighing and glueing my eyes to the tv. One of the maids appears; dusting cloth and polish in hand. I watch as she shuffles to stand right infront of the tv, polishing the top of the screen and the cabinet. Niall, who had been watching a rugby match, waves his hands about as she blocks his view of the screen. He clears his throat but she doesn't seem to notice, humming cheerfully to herself. He gives me a look, eyebrows drawn together. I shrug and watch as he clears his throat again.
"Excuse me?" He says, finally capturing her attention. She spins on her heels to face us, hands on hips.
"What is the problem?" What seems like a scottish accent drips from her words. 
"Could you erm..." He motions to the side with his hands and she flaps her hand at him.
"Not until I've finished cleaning," she says determinedly, spinning back round and returning to dusting. 


Zayns POV 


I shift my gaze to the maid, watching intently as she finishes dusting and then walks off, still humming. Niall sighs and rolls his eyes, returning to watching the tv. Harry looks tense; as if he's trying to restrict himself. His eyes slowly go back and forth to his phone on the sofa beside me. Louis and Liam were talking and looking at something on Louis' phone. 
"Excuse me?" One maid says from behind me. I get off the sofa and turn to face her; ready to help.
"What's wrong?" I ask, furrowing my eyebrows at her. 
"Do you know if there's any sauce left in this bottle?" She asks innocently, Scottish accent coming through. 
"I don't know, I-" I stop as she squeezes the bottle; the contents covering my shirt. I stare down at it in disbelief. Did she just...
"Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry!" She squeals, her accent disappearing. She begins to laugh hysterically and the sound rings in my eyes. 
Wait... I knew that laugh. 
"Can I just see that?" I bend closer to her and lightly touch the lace covering her face. She cowers away and begins to stutter and for a moment a flicker of doubt flies through me but I don't hesitate to tear it away from her face.
"Perrie!" I exclaim. Her eyes round out and then she slowly takes off her cap, letting her hair fall freely.
"Perrie!" A chorus of her name and groans erupts from the rest of the maids, causing the boys to all turn around. 
"Crystal?!" Niall exclaims, in utter shock. Crystal takes off her hat too and unties her apron; allowing her protruding bump to appear.
Wait... Bump? 
Wow, she was big. Even bigger face to face. 
"Crystal!" Niall literally shouts, bounding over the back of the sofa and rushing over to her. I pick Perrie up and spin her around, smiling as we watch the boys each head over to the girls. 

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