Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


94. I have nothing


Later that afternoon, Me, Perrie and El all turn into the car-park to see Niall’s car in one of the parking spaces. My heart races and I put my hand out to stop them both from walking into view. Quietly, I peek round the wall and see him sitting in the front seat, staring straight ahead with an unreadable expression. I shake my head at Perrie and El, gripping the handles of Calla’s pram tighter. Wordlessly, El pulls out her phone and texts someone before placing her finger to her lips and motioning at Niall’s car. Within a minute or so, through the open windows of his car, I hear his ringtone and him answering the phone. I guess that it’s probably Louis. We wait for a few more seconds whilst he listens to something Louis is saying before he jumps out of the car and goes around the back. The sound of the car boot being opened and Niall asking Louis something chimes across the car-park as the three of us dash for the lobby. We step in and the receptionist, the same girl from this morning, greets me and asks me how I am. I try my best to be polite but quickly cut her off as soon as she stops talking.

“How long has that white land-rover been out there?” I say hurriedly to her, nodding at the glass doors that over-look the road and the car-park. The woman flicks her eyes over the monitor beside her; displaying the view from all of the CCTV cameras around the hotel. She moves the cursor and clicks on the one that shows the car-park before zooming in where I can see Niall getting back into the front of the car.

“For about twenty minutes.” She says with a small smile as she realises which celebrity is currently less than fifty feet away from her. Her eyes flicker hopefully to the glass doors as she re-arranges her hair.

“Could you please not tell him anything if he comes in asking about me?” I half-whisper, embarrassed for Perrie and El to be hearing me say this. I knew we were friends and spent a lot of time together but arguing with Niall was always something I felt insecure about as he was the only reason I was friends with everyone in the first place.

“Of course. I won’t tell him anything,” She puts her eyes back to mine and smiles in what I hope is a promise.

“Thank you so much,” I say and turn away, the three of us heading to the lift. The lift acencds with us all in silence, caught up in our own thoughts. Once we reach the level, we step out and cross the hall till we reach my room door. I slot the key in and turn as El clears her throat.

“Crystal, you can’t hide forever.”

“And he’s going to find out about your dad too,” Perrie adds with a pained expression. I sigh, knowing they were both right.

“I know it’s inevitable and I can’t avoid it but… I want to for as long as I can. At least until tomorrow.” I shake my hair loose from its tie and slump onto the bed as Perrie lifts Calla from her pram.

“Why don’t you wait until Harry and Susie get here?” Eleanor suggests as she switches on the tv and pulls back the curtains; looking down at the car-park below. I flop back on the bed and run my hands over my face.

“I completely forgot about that.” I say, voice muffled by my hands.

“Harry’s always been the one to sort Niall out.” Perrie says, walking over and placing Cee on the bed beside me. She quickly gets occupied by the cartoons spreading across the screen and sits there quietly as I look up at her from below.

“I know. When are they getting here though?” I ask and El turns around, kicking off her shoes.

“Tomorrow, late afternoon.” She answers and takes a seat on the chair in the corner of the room.


Later that night once Perrie and El have gone back to the house, I’m laying Cee down to bed when there’s a knock at the door. I hesitate for a moment, confused as to who it could be.

“Yes?” I call, hand resting on the door-knob before I pull it open.

“Crystal?” My name calls, definitely a woman’s voice so I gently turn the handle and pull it back.

“Susie!” I exclaim with a surprised grin.

“Hey,” She exclaims back, embracing me. To her side stands Harry and his hands are clasped around Darcy on his hip.

“Hey! I didn’t think you were coming till tomorrow!” I say, pulling the door open wider and letting them in. Harry pushes Darcy’s empty pram through and leaves it in the corner of the room.

“I got off work early so we decided to come down today instead. Sorry it’s a bit late,” Susie looks around the room before flopping onto the bed. I shut the door and do the same, pulling a pillow to hug to my chest. My eyes drift over to Cee and watch as Harry lowers Darcy into her cot where the two of them begin playing together with some of Calla’s toys.

The room is silent for a long while, the only sound coming from the girls constant giggles and the slow blur of the tv.

“Perrie rang me when we were driving down here, she told us what went on.” Susie reaches forward and places her hand on my knee, rubbing comforting circles into it.

“I can’ believe how much of a twat he’s being,” Harry mumbles under his breath before sitting down on the bed beisde Susie. He kicks off his shoes and leans back against the head-board, eyes finding the television screen. I shake my head at him and sigh slightly.

“Don’t say that. He has a valid reason,” I say quietly and Harry narrows his eyes slightly at me.

“But he doesn’t, Crystal. He should be there for you,” He murmurs the last part, anger evident in his voice. I don’t reply, just let his words hang in the air.

“He’s right, Crystal.” Susie adds after a while, eyes looking at Calla and Darcy.

“I just want her to be happy,” I whisper, following Susie’s gaze. She turns her eyes to me and bites her lip.

“Don’t you think having her Dad back would be the best thing for her, though?”

“I suppose,” I mumble, looking down at my fingers as the last streams of light slowly slip away from outside.


I stand on the doorstep to my home and nervously press the doorbell. To my surprise, Maura stands infront of me when the door is opened.

“Crystal,” She says with a bright smile and I push my hair behind my ears nervously.

“Hi,” I reply and she continues to smile warmly at me. It’s not until I lift my eyes that I realise how fake her smile is. Her lips are chapped, face bare from make-up, hair pulled roughly back in a knotty bun. I don’t suppose I looked any better.

“What are you doing here?” I ask quietly and she lets her smile drop.

“I had a call from Zayn saying I needed to come down and sort my son out.” She says with a sigh, holding the door back farther for me to come in. I step inside and feel alienated in my own house. I simply nod and follow behind Maura. There’s a few minutes of silence whilst she fills the kettle with water and switches it on.

“Where is he?” I ask awkwardly, afraid of the answer. I really didn’t want his mum to witness him literally tearing me apart and then breaking down. She clears her throat as she pours the now boiled water into two mugs.

“The living room with Zayn and Louis.” She replies and gives me a sorrowful look.

“I really am sorry about him, Crystal. You have to remember that anything he says he doesn’t mean. He’s in a really bad state,” The last statement throws me off a bit. I didn’t expect him to be sad or anything, just… I didn’t really know what I expected him to be like. I wasn’t sure how I felt myself. I just nod, too tired to try and reason with her.

“Come straight back in here if anything happens and I’ll have a word with him.” She tells me and I nod, slipping off the stool and hesitantly making my way out of the kitchen. I cross the hallway and stand outside of the door. It was slightly ajar, the view of the back of the three boys on the floor coming into view. They were playing a video game on the tv, Niall quiet whilst Zayn and Louis chatted. My weight causes the floor-boards to creek slightly and I wince. Louis slowly turns around, catching my eye. I widen my eyes at him and back away, signalling for him to be quiet. He nudges Zayn slightly, who too turns around to see me in the crack through the door. Zayn nods too and they stand up, muttering something about seeing how Maura is to Niall who doesn’t reply. They both leave the living room and Zayn closes the door behind them.

“Crystal,” Louis says, wrapping me in a hug. Zayn does the same and I smile weakly.

“Hey, guys.” I almost whisper, looking down at the floor.

“Is he okay?” I ask after a few seconds silence. The two boys exchange a look and my stomach churns.

“He’s… better than yesterday. Calmer.” Louis starts and Zayn nods in approval.

“Susie and Harry are at my hotel room. They’re taking Cee and Darcy to the park later on,” I tell them and they both reply but I’m not listening. They leave me standing there, facing the closed door, heart hammering. I finally get enough courage to open the door slowly and Niall remains with his back towards me, staring at the now blank tv screen.  I stand there for several moments, just staring at him.

“How is she?” His accented voice breaks the silence. He continues to sit there with his back to me, not moving a muscle. I close the door and clear my throat quietly.

“She’s with Susie and Harry.” I tell him, voice shy and timid.

“Did you go to see him?” My stomach pings horribly at his question. He meant my dad. I knew he would find out, it was inevitable. It’s then that I begin to question everything. It was all my fault in the first place. If I hadn’t had gone to see my dad or even talked to him… none of this would of happened. My silence is the only answer he needs and he lets out a long harsh sigh.

“Niall, nothing happened.” He stands up abruptly at my words, knocking over a glass; shocking me. I gasp slightly and he turns to face me. His hair is matted to his forehead, eyes darker than usual and two day old stubble showing.

“I don’t care what happened! For fuck sake, Crystal! All I care about is the fact that you went near him!” He stares angrily at me and I take a step back, backing into the wall.

“He’s my father!” I shout back, anger rising quickly.

“The same father that beat you repeatedly! The same father that blamed you for your mother’s death! The same father that starved you and made you what you were before I found you! Tell me, Crystal; what kind of fucking father is that?!” He screams the last part, veins protuding from his neck as he strains to get his words out as loud as possible.

“I’m sorry, okay! I wasn’t thinking! I knew what I was doing was wrong but I couldn’t stop myself! He’s the only thing I have left!” I scream back at him, hot tears falling as my voice cracks.

“I have nothing Niall! She’s gone! She’s been gone all these years and I miss her, Niall! You don’t understand what her death did to me! He’s the only thing I have left!” With that, I slam the door and storm out of the house; running back down the road towards the hotel.

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