Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


65. Furious


Crystal's POV

"Good morning, Cee." I say with a grin, bending down into the cot and picking her up. She shuffles slightly in her baby grow as I place her onto my chest; hand supporting her from underneath. Walking around the room, I pat her gently. It was seven in the morning but I couldn't sleep. I heard Calla already starting to give muffled cries a few minutes ago so I'd decided to get up and leave Perrie asleep on the bed. I notice Niall stretched out on the floor; blanket strewn over him as he sleeps soundlessly. I make my way over to Calla's nursery door and open it slightly, stepping out with her still cradled to me gently. Padding barefoot down the hallway I make my way into the living room where I spot a figure slumped on the sofa, looking down at something. 
"Perrie?" I say gently, creeping towards the sofa. She doesn't turn around. Sitting down next to her I sit Cee on my lap and look at her. Her eyes were puffy and red, lips chapped and chewed and her hair was a knotty mess. She was looking down at something on a phone balanced between her knees. I don't say anything as I gently pry the phone from her fingers. She pulls her hands back with a sigh; letting me take the phone. Holding it with one hand, Cee with the other, I peer at the screen. 
"Wait, what?" I mutter, causing Perrie to give a big sigh and tangle her hands into her hair.
"It's not mine," She shakes her head, staring blankly at the window opposite.
"Who's is it then?" I demand, scrolling through the vulgar texts.
"Zayn's," She murmurs under her breath.
"Perrie!" I exclaim, making her jump.
"Who is it?" I ask, voice softening. 
"I don't know," She shrugs helplessly.
"A girl." Her face contorts at the word 'girl'. I look up to see the contact name. All it read was 'Q'.
"Who's Q?" I mutter, shaking my head. I click the screen shut and hand it back to her.
"I have no idea," She whispers, face falling. 
"We need to ta-" My voice is cut off by Niall yawning loudly and stretching as he walks into the room.
"Good Morning," He says, voice croaky.
"Please explain to me why I was forced to sleep on the floor of Cee's room last night?" He groans, glaring at Perrie as he comes to sit on the sofa to the right of us. I shake my head at him and he frowns, before spotting Perrie's tear-stained face.
"I'll... I'll just go get some breakfast for us all." He says awkwardly, standing up and waving to Calla before frowning at me once more. The door to the apartment closes softly and I take a deep breath.
"We need to find out who this is, Perrie." I say, determination in my voice. I wasn't going to let Zayn do this to her.
"I can't Crystal, What if it's just a mis-understanding?" She trembles, trying to find an excuse for him.
"Perrie! Are you telling me this," I pick up the phone and show her the vulgar messages filling the screen.
"Is a mis-understanding?" I demand, watching her cringe as her eyes flicker over the texts.
"No but-" She stammers.
"You can't keep making excuses for him, Perrie." My voice trails off and I let the phone drop onto my lap.
"I know," She sighs after a long time. 


"Woah, what's the rush?" Harry answers the door, peering down at me. I had been pumelling my fist on the door for the past two minutes but no one had answered. I didn't even think any of them were awake.
"Harry where's-" I stop talking as I spot Zayn coming down the stairs behind Harry. His face lights up when he spots us standing there.
"Perrie," He says, tumbling down the rest of the stairs. Harry moves to the side, giving me a clear view of Zayn. Perrie was standing behind me, bouncing Cee on her hip.
"What's-" He starts, relasing Perrie's refusing to look at him.
"Explain," I state through gritted teeth, slamming his phone into his chest.
"Explain what?" He asks, dark brows drawn together. He unlocks the screen and I watch as his eyes round out and he swallows.
"I- I don't-" He stutters but I shake my head at him, furious.
"How could you?" I demand and Perrie places a hand on my shoulder, tyring to pull me back.
"I didn't I-" He looks at Harry desperately for help but Harry looks blankly at him.
"Crystal, let's go." Perrie says, dragging me away. Cee begins crying at this point; the raised voices scaring her. Perrie turns and I follow after her, carefully taking Calla from her. I cuddle her to me as we head back to the apartment, trying my best to hush her.
"I'm sorry, Perrie. I'm just furious at him," I sigh, pressing the button on the lift.
"Aren't you?" I ask, looking at her as we climb in.
"I... I am... but... I'm more upset than anything. Disappointed." Her voice wavers when she says it.


"Where did you go this morning?" Niall asks me, walking into Cee's room. I was sat on the floor cross-legged opposite Calla, who was playing with some foam shapes. It was two in the afternoon and Niall had been avoiding me all day; Perrie had told him I needed time to calm down.
"To find Zayn," Is all I reply, picking up a triangle and handing it to Cee, who stares at it in wonder in her hands.
"What for?" He asks, sitting down beside me. I sigh and he bumps me with his shoulder gently.
"Hey, don't look so upset. Cheer up," He smiles but I can't bring myself to. 
"I'm not upset... I'm angry. I thought Zayn would have known better than that." I admit with a shake of my head.
"What has he done?" He prods, serious now. I take a deep breath and tell him everything; reciting some of the texts that I could remember.
"All it said was 'Q'?" Niall frowns once I stop talking.
"Yep," I sigh, standing up. Me and El had decided to round the girls up and take them all shopping as we all needed to get away for a few hours.
"Come on beautiful," I say, picking up Cee. She drops the foam shape she was playing with and reaches out for the small teddy bear Maura gave her on the last day we spent with them in Ireland last week.
"Here you go, Angel." Niall hands her the teddy bear with a smile before planting a kiss on both of our lips.
"Don't worry about it, Princess." He says gently and I nod, standing on my tip-toes to kiss him once more before heading out of the room.

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