Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


84. Familiar

Hi guys! 

Sorry I haven't updated in so so so long, but thank you guys for being patient! 

Anyway, sorry for the short-ish chapter but I'm still a bit undecided as to what scenario I want to happen and stuff so bare with me! 

But hopefully I shall decide tonight and go with it and then update for you again:)!

Thank you! Xx 


Pushing my hair behind my ear, I gently pick the strings and note down more lyrics that suddenly came into my head as I sing; trying to find the right words.
"Hey, beautiful." Niall's voice floats over me as he steps into the room; Calla cradled on his hip.
"Hey," I turn from where I was sat cross-legged on the floor and smile at him. He sets Cee down and she trots over to where  a plastic play oven is set up in the corner of the room with plastic food and cutlery. I smile and watch as she plays for a moment; pouring imaginery tea into a mug for her teddy bear.
"What you doing?" Niall asks, sitting down cross-legged opposite me. I close the book I had been writing in and set the guitar gently on the ground beside me.
"I was writing but I give up," I sigh, falling back onto the soft cream carpet; my hair fanning out around my head.
"When are the decorators coming in?" I ask him as he lays down beside me. He finds my hand and entwines our fingers, setting them between our bodies lying parallel to eachother on the floor.
"Tomorrow." He replies, smiling excitedly. We had just moved in to our new home; a beautiful five bedroom cottage near the coast. It felt like we were a thousand miles away from London; instead of a half hour drive. Susie and Harry moved in to their new place three months ago, only ten minutes down the road from us. I loved our new house. It was exciting but... terrifying at the same time. Calla had her own room and we had three spare rooms which meant when the others came to visit they could stay at ours for the night or longer. The cottage was large, but cosy. With old-fashioned traditional beams, an expansive garden at the back with elegant flowers and trees, a large living room with an open fire and was a two minute walk from the beach. It was a haven for us both.
"I love this place, don't you?" Niall asks, running his fingers up and down my hand comfortingly. I smile deeply as his fingers trace over my engagement ring he had given me six months ago. I nod and my smile only gets larger.
"Yeah, I do." I say, closing my eyes as we listen to the rain pelting the roof of the house above us.

Grabbing a box of strawberries, I place them in the basket and check the list in my hand. 
"Shampoo," I mutter to myself, searching for the right brand as I trail up and down the aisle. My phone vibrates in my pocket as I turn the corner into the toiletries aisle. Pulling it out, I look down at the screen as I head down the aisle. 
"Oops, sorry!" I exclaim, smashing straight into someone's chest. Looking up, my breath hitches in my throat. Fear sizzles through me and my mouth dries out. 
"I-I..." I stutter, looking down and rushing towards the counter. A young girl takes the basket from me, unloading the items and scanning them. I tap my fingers on the counter nervously as I impatiently wait for her to finish so I could pay. My heart was racing, my hands sweating and my mind screaming at me to run. 
"That's eighteen fifty, please." The girl says and I don't wait for change as I hand her a twenty pound note. 
"Keep it," I mutter quickly, spinning on my heels and grabbing the bags. I take off in a run out of the shop; my name being called by the once familiar voice the last thing I hear. My hands tremble as I rush down the street; rain beginning to fall. I stop and fumble for my phone in my pocket. Unlocking it, I look over my shoulder towards the shop and press dial on Niall's number.
"Hey, Crystal. What are w-" I cut him off, casting another panicked glance at the shop across the road.
"Can you come and pick me up, please?" I stutter, praying that he could.
"Why? What's wrong? Has something happened?" The protective tone takes over his voice and I bite my lip to stop myself from crying.
"Niall, can you please just come and pick me up. Please," I beg him, desperate to put distance between myself and the shop... and him. 
"Where are you? I'm just going down to the car now," The sound of a door opening comes through the phone as I look behind my shoulder before sitting down on a brick wall. The rain begins to fall harder now; quickly making me shiver with cold.
"I'll be two minutes." He promises, the car starting. I nod and put the phone down, nervously gripping it in my hands that rest in my lap as I try to contain myself. Nerves and panic continue to roll off me violently as I look once more at the shop. My breath catches in my throat again as I notice the door being swung open. A tall and muscular figure stalks out at a rushed pace as tears roll down my cheeks. I freeze in place on the wall; his lips calling my name. I scramble down from the wall, falling onto the pavement and scraping my legs. Biting my lip, I try my best to ignore the sting from the graze as the sound of a car coming to a stop beside me causes me to look up.
"Crystal!" Niall jumps out of his car; rain quickly making his hair wet. He rushes towards me, bending down to help me up. I stand up, my teeth chattering with both cold and fear.
"N-niall," I stutter, gripping onto his arm as he asks me what happened. I blank out as I look over the car and spot his large figure quickly crossing the road towards us.
"We n-need to go." I tell Niall rushing over to the car and yanking on the door. Niall frowns in confusion before grabbing the shopping bags that I had left stranded on the wall, nodding and jumping into the driver's side. I slide into the seat and slam the door shut; immediately placing my face in my hands and squeezing my eyes shut. 


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