Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


46. Don't

Niall's POV 


I glance across at Harry as he begins to explain.

"We, erm...' He rubs a hand on the back of his neck tensely. All of the girls glare at him and I can hear El shouting something at Lou upstairs. 

"Management rang us earlier this week and told us that our tour dates have been extended." Harry looks at me nervously as we wait for their reactions. Crystal stiffens in my arms and immediate guilt churns through me.

"For how long?" Perrie asks him suspiciously, pulling away from Zayn.

"Er..." Harry stutters, looking at Liam for help.

"Five months." Liam says quickly. You can feel the atmosphere in the room change. Crystal makes a small whimpering noise, as though she was in pain. Susie gapes at Harry, struggling to contain herself. Perrie clenches her fists together, glaring at Zayn. Danielle looks hurt.

"And you didn't think to tell us?!" Perrie is the first one to exclaim. 

"We were going to we-" Zayn stutters, trying to recover. 

"You knew for a whole week!" Perrie shouts at him, waving her hands around before heading out of the back door. 

"Were you just going to wait until a day before to tell us?! Did you not think it would effect us? We deserved to know Harry!" Susie booms at him. Tears are beginning to form in her eyes and she looks disappointed with Harry. He reaches a hand out to her but she shakes it off before pushing away from him and heading out of the kitchen.

"We deserved to know," Danielle murmurs, looking down at the floor and following Harry out of the kitchen as he shouts after Susie. Liam sighs and walks out after them, calling out to Danielle. Crystal slowly pulls away from me, looking down at the floor. I could see the hurt and disappointment in her beautiful eyes.

"Crystal..." I start but she shakes her head at me, turning away.

"Don't, Niall." She whispers. 


Crystals POV 


I turn the key in our apartment and push open the door. I had left the house once Harry had told us and headed out to the beach. It was freezing, definitely, but I needed to clear my head. It was one of the few places I could think clearly.

"El?" I call out, noticing her curled up on the sofa in a duvet. She's smiles sadly at me, mascara staining her cheeks and her hair knotted in a bun messily. 

"Hey," she whispers, voice slightly croaky.

"You okay?" I slip off my shoes and grab my slipper socks that were left lying on the floor from last night. I pull them on and snuggle beside her, wrapping the duvet around us both.

"Yeah. Still pissed off but..." She trails off, pausing the film that she had been watching. 

"But what?" I ask.

"I feel bad." 


"I went mental at him, Crystal. I didn't mean to I was just... So pissed. With all of them, not just Lou. He looked like he was going to cry when I left him." She takes a deep breath.

"Are you not angry?" She raises her dark eyebrows at me in question. I bite my lip and shake my head slowly.

"Not really. I mean of course I'm annoyed that we didn't find out sooner but I'm more upset than anything. After I told Niall that I would leave if he wanted me to, he told me he wanted me to stay and he loved me. I was starting to believe him but how can I if he doesn't tell me stuff as important as that?" I sigh and she nods.

"I know, I know. Perrie looked pretty pissed." She adds.

"Did you see her?" I ask and Eleanor nods.

"She was in the garden with Zayn. She was shouting and screaming at him. I know that aside from you, it will affect her the most." 

"Why's that?" I frown in confusion.

"Little Mix are going on tour at the same time as the boys and she already knew that she wouldn't get to see Zayn or any of us as much. She was due to get back a few days after Zayn but if they are spending longer on the road then..." She trails off.

"Tea?" She asks and I stand up, following her to the kitchenette. 

"Have you spoken to Niall?" El asks, switching on the kettle. We hear someone shouting and a door slamming downstairs. Susie. I raise my eyebrows at El. She does the same. I'll go invite her up later after she's calmed down. By the looks of it, she was close to crying in the kitchen earlier. 

"No," I reply, with a shake of my head. I watch as she pours the water into two mugs and adds a tea bag.

"You should," She says, stirring milk into them.

"I don't know what I'd say, El." I sigh, taking sugar out of the cupboard. 

"Crystal, you do know that this is going to affect you the most, right?" Her eyes round out at me, then skip to my stomach for a second before landing back on my face. 

"Yeah, I know." I murmur, clutching my stomach. 

"You need to talk," She stirs in the sugar then hands me to me. 

"Not tonight though, I can't take it tonight." I admit, following her back over to the sofa.

"Me too,  I need to apologise." I watch as she picks up her phone and unlocks the screen. Lou had tried ringing her twenty times and had left several texts too. She sighs heavily, locking it and throwing it across to the other sofa where it lands with a soft thud.

"Urgh!" Someone exclaims, slamming the door shut behind them.

"Perrie?" El calls out, turning to face the door. Perrie stumble over to us, drenched in rain. I had a coat on at the beach so I had been fine but Perrie had only been wearing leggings and a top.

"I give up, I really do!" She huffs, storming off into her bedroom.


Susies POV

I run out the door, not bothering to look behind. I hear Harry calling for me, and his heavy footsteps running up behind me. A clap of thunder brings me to realise that it's pouring with rain.
"Susie!" Harry shouts to me but I refuse to turn around. 

"Susie, babe, please can we talk." He begs. 
"You're the last person I want to talk to right now Harry, I'm going to see the other girls. They're the ones I want to talk with." I shout over the rain at him, trying to stop myself from crying.
"I'm so sorry. We were planning on telling you sooner. But what with Crystal and everything, we all got distracted." He steps across the road, coming closer to me. I spin sharply on my heels however and run the rest of the short distance down the street. I rush into the apartment block and up the stairs, not patient enough for the lift. I reach my floor and fumble about with my keys. I feel Harry's arms snake around my waist as he catches up with me but I sigh heavily and push them off. 
"Please Harry, just let me calm down first. Or we'll both end up regretting saying something. I'll call you soon and you can come round and talk then. Okay?" I don't face him when I say it. 
"I'll be waiting for you love."Just as I close the door, I catch a glimpse of his face, tears beginning to stain his cheeks. This is our first argument I close the door, and slide down it. I can't help the tears streaming from my eyes. I wasn't so much angry about the tour, but more so that he hadn't told me. I was worried, too. I mean, we hadn't been together for that long and there were millions of fans out there. Millions of girls who would kiss the floor he walked on. I was worried of losing him. 

I walk through to my bathroom and turn on the shower, attempting to let the hot water run away with some of my pain. 
I jump out of the shower a while later; not bothering to do anything with my soaking wet hair. I throw on the first clothes that met my hands, grabbed my phone and keys, and headed upstairs.

Eleanor's POV

I hear 3 soft taps on the door. Looking through the peak hole, I spot Susie standing there with dripping wet hair. I open the door and she meets my eyes before crashing into my arms. Her body shakes as she begins to sob into me. I try to soothe her as best as I can and eventually after 10 minutes she is settled down on the sofa with me and Crystal. 


Perrie's POV 


I furiously peel off my leggings and soaking top. I groan as water drips from them onto the floor so I sigh and place them over the radiator. I pull on my pyjamas and oversized jumper, tucking the sleeves over my hands. I slip my feet into my slippers and try to tame my hair. I catch a look at myself in the mirror before I head out of the bedroom. I looked terrible. My face was bright red from the ice cold wind outside, my lips a shade of blue and my eye makeup staining my cheeks. I sigh once more before opening the door and heading into the living room. Crystal stands up and hands me a steaming cup of tea. I take it gratefully and slump down onto the sofa beside her and Susie. El chucks another blanket at me and I wrap it around myself, taking a sip of tea. None of them say anything, so we settle down and glue our eyes to the tv. 


The next morning, a knock sounds at the door. I raise my eyebrows at El from across the room and Crystal goes to stand up from the mess of duvets on the floor. We had all slept on the floor of the living room last night after watching films and talking till the early hours of the morning.

"Don't." I whisper, pulling her gently back down by her jumper. She furrows her eyebrows at me so I mouth 'boys'. She nods and sits back down understanding crossing her face. 

"El!" Louis voice shouts through the door. 

"Open the door, for god sake! El!" I watch as Eleanor's face shifts slightly. She was desperate to see him, I could tell. She had told us all last night that she wanted to apologize but I felt the opposite. After me and Zayn had only just got back on track he had gone and done something like this. I was angry for the rest of the girls too. Danielle was going back to work tomorrow and wouldn't get to see Liam until they got back; which meant a longer wait until they could be together. Eleanor was annoyed because Louis had known first and not bothered to tell her sooner. Susie was upset because she still didn't know whether she could trust Harry; I mean there are a lot of girls out there. And Crystal... Well. I was fuming for Crystal. Niall should have known better. But Crystal didn't seem angry she just seemed... Disappointed. 

"El, I swear to god if you don't open this door right now!" He sounded as though he was getting angry. Eleanor goes to stand up but the door bursts open before she has a chance to move. 

"El!" Louis calls, rushing over to her. 

"Louis, don't." She holds out a hand.

"How did you get in here?" She shoots a confused look passed him, where Susie stands in the doorway. She'd gone down to her apartment to get new clothes for today and must have let him in.

"He had been standing there for ages," Susie says with a shrug and apologetic look at El. She shakes her head before returning her ice cold glare to Louis' face.

"El, I'm sorry." He sighs, running a hand through his hair. I had to admit, he looked rough. Like he hadn't slept at all. Putting it like that, I don't think any of us had slept really. 

"Lou, I told you. I don't want to hear it," She trails down the hallway to her bedroom and he follows after her. 

"Susie!" Harry rushes into the apartment next, bundling Susie into his arms. I switch the sound back on the tv and glue my eyes to it, anger rising in me. 

Niall should be here. 

He should be here for Crystal. 

And Zayn.

Zayn should be apologizing like Louis was. 

He should be holding me like Harry was. 

"Perrie?" Crystal says softly, placing an arm on my lap. I clench my fists and turn to face her, curving my lips into a strained smile.

"I'm fine," I tell her through gritted teeth. I watch as Harry leads Susie out of the front door and into the lift. 

"He'll be here," Crystal murmurs. I chew on my lower lip and give her a small nod. I wasn't sure whether she was talking about Niall or Zayn.


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