Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


62. Details


Crystal's POV 

"Where's Niall?" I ask, gripping the bed sheets of the hospital bed as the pain intensifies. Perrie checks her phone for the seventeenth time in the past five minutes.
"He said he was on his way ten m-" She's cut off by the door to the room being swung open.
"Crystal!" Niall pants, rushing over to me. He kisses my forehead softlty and wipes my hair away from my sweaty forehead.
"I'm here, it's okay, I'm here." He says softly, running his thumb along my forehead shakily. His skin was pale and he looked terrified. He looked how I felt. 
"I can't do it, Niall." I say, exasperated as tears begin to fall from my eyes slowly.
"You can. Shhh. I'm here, you can do this. I know you can." He says, shooting a worried look at Perrie.
"Urgh!" I scream, scrunching the bed sheets tighter in my fist.
"Crystal, I'm going to ask you to start pushing now if that's okay for me please." The midwife says, rushing over to the end of the bed. I bite my lip and nod slightly; bracing for more intense pain.
"It'll be fine Crystal, I promise. I promise you," Niall takes my hand and kisses it, meeting my eyes as my whole body strains. 



Darkness suffocates me. Where was I? I felt... dizzy. Disorientated. Strange. 
I try to move, stirring slightly.
"Crystal?" A soft voice asks. It sounded... familiar. But I couldn't place it. 
"Crystal," It repeats, something gently nudging my arm. I force open my eyes, quickly sealing them tight again as a bright light blinds me.
"Where am I?" I manage to croak, throat parched. Slowly, I lift my lids again. The sound of people talking and walking around in the distance, beeping and a light snoring fills the room.
"You're in hospital." The voice says, chuckling slightly. I look to the right to see El standing there, smiling softly down at me.
"El," I whisper, smiling slightly too.
"You fell unconscious from the pain." She explains, pouring a glass of water from a large jug. She hands it to me and I gently place it to my lips; letting the cold liquid soothe my throat.
"What pain?" I ask once finished, blinking hard. El cocks an eyebrow at me before taking the empty glass and placing it on the bedside table.
"From when you had the baby." She answers indifferently. 
"Oh my god," I whisper, stunned. I had a baby. I was a mum. Like an actual mum. Oh my god... 
El chuckles slightly, running a hand through her hair. I look behind her to see a body slumped on the armchair on the other side of the room.
"Perrie fell asleep about half an hour ago." She explains, nodding at her sleeping body; heaving slightly from her breaths. 
"How long have I been out?" I question and she checks the clock.
"It's half two in the morning. So about nine hours now," She replies, taking a seat on an armchair set up beside the bed.
"Where's everyone else?" I ask, looking around the room.
"Harry and Liam dragged Susie and Dani home to eat, shower and sleep for the night." El says.
"Niall?" I prod, searching the room for him.
"With the baby." She grins.
"Where are they?" I gasp suddenly, pulling back the covers to stand up.
"Crystal, lay down. Relax," She stands up, gently pushing me back down onto the bed. 
"But..." I argue.
"They're fine. Niall's been back and forward between you and the baby all night. He doesn't want to leave either of you." She smiles, sitting down again.
"But where are they both?" I ask, noticing the heavy bags beneath her eyes.
"In the children's ward," She replies. I gasp, panicked.
"Why?" I demand.
"The baby had a few breathing difficulties when it was first born," She explains and my chest tightens, fear striking me.
"But they're okay now." She adds, causing me to let out the breath I had been holding.
"I need to go find them," I say, pulling back the covers again.
"Crystal, wait! You've just been unconscious for nine hours! You can't just go waltzing about the hospital!" She hisses, standing up to stop me.
"But El," I trial off, meeting her eyes sadly. I hold her gaze for several long moments before she sighs and laughs slightly.
"Fine. But you need to stay in this," She points to the wheelchair in the corner of the room. I nod and she wheels it over; holding it still as I settle into it. She grabs the blanket from the bed and wraps it around me; concealing most of my face. She opens the room door and gently steers me through the weave of empty hallways.
"Here," El says gently, coming to a stop outside of a room in the Children's Ward. All the lights were out in the rooms apart from one; the one directly infront of us.
"I'll be back in your room if you need me," El tells me as I stand up, thanking her.

"Go and get some sleep," I order her and she smiles softly before turning around and pushing the wheelchair back the way we came. The sound of the wheels on the marble floor fills the empty halls as I gently nudge open the door. My eyes adjust to the bright lights in the room, Niall's back coming into view. He was sitting facing away from me, hand outstretched into a small plastic cot. I could see a pair of tiny wrinkly feet at the end that stirred every so often. I lean in the doorway, watching in awe as Niall sings softly. I smile and Niall turns slightly; eyes meeting mine.  He turns to face the cot again, standing up from the chair he had been sat on. 

"Hey, baby girl. Time to meet your mummy." He whispers, moving to the side as I slowly make my way over.
"She's beautiful," I gasp, in utter shock. Lying in the cot, wrapped in a pink blanket, was a tiny baby girl. Her eyes were closed and dark eyelashes thick and luscious against her pink cheeks.
"Just like her mum," Niall says softly, wrapping his arm around my waist as we stare down at the baby, taking in every single detail of her. 

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