Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


27. Daddy


Crystals POV

My heart jumps a little at the sound of the scream. Niall's eyes round out and we both look down at the floor.
"Oh my god," I say pressing a hand to my heart, relieved. I thought somebody was really hurt.
"Harry! Harry stop it! Stop!" Susie shouts, running towards us. She falls to the floor beneath our branch and Harry jumps on top of her; tickling her violently.
"Oi!" Niall shouts out and the two of them stop, confused. They look around at the forest so Niall chucks a twig at Harry's head. He takes it from his mass of curls and looks up.
"What are you doing up there?" He chuckles, helping Susie up. She looks up at us too with a smile.
"Have you not been found either?" She asks and I shake my head as Niall begins to crawl down the tree trunk.
"Nope," I say and Susie brushes off her jeans. 
"We were just on our way back because we've been lying there for about half an hour," Harry tells us.
"You two are so cute," Someone says and my eyes find Danielle and Liam walking hand in hand towards us too. I watch as colour rises to Susie's cheeks but there's no denying the huge grin on both of their faces.
"Here," Niall says, out stretching his arms. I lean on the edge of the branch and jump into his arms.
"Have they not found anyone?" Liam asks, looking around at us all.
"I think they found Lou and Eleanor, Im not sure." Niall replies. 
"Are we all going to-" Harry starts but a chorus of screams erupts from the playground in the field beside the entrance to the park. Niall puts me down hastily and pushes me behind him protectively.
"What was that?" I hiss and everyone shrugs. 
"It's probably just some kids mucking about or something." Danielle suggests but I can't deny that panic that runs through me.
"Niall I think we-" I begin to say but my throat closes at what I see advancing towards us.



"There you are you little no for good bitch," He seethes and my whole body freezes.
"Who are you?" Harry demands. 
"I'm," He slurs, prodding a finger to his chest as he sways on the spot.
"Her Daddy." He finishes, pointing at me with a sickly grin.
"What do you think you're-" Niall begins to step towards him but I shout at him to stop. I put myself between them and see Susie's eyes round out. 
"He's got... he's got..." She stutters; terror rushing through her. I turn and look at the man who was once my father. A long knife is clutched in his hand.
"It was all your fault," He seethes, coming closer.
"Go!" Harry shouts, grabbing Susie's hand and dragging her down the path. Everyone else does too but I'm stood there, frozen.
"She would still be here if it wasn't for you. You skanky fat bitch," The words of venom pour from his mouth and seep over me. I knew he was right.
"Crystal!" Niall shouts. He grabs my hand but I won't move. I had known he was right all along. He had always been right.
Always. I'd spent years denying it but no. He was right.
"Crystal!" His voice is full of terror as he yanks on my arm, causing me to be dragged by him down the path. We run together out to the entrance but all I can hear is his footsteps behind us. 
"We need to go," Liam says, bustling the girls out onto the streets that lead to the path. Louis and Eleanor come rushing past us, a tow of kids and their parents behind us as people shove to get out onto the streets. Zayn appears and his eyes scan the crowds.
"Where's Perrie?!" He shouts over the noise. I look around. She was no where to be seen.
"She was, she..." Eleanor starts.
"She was helping me tell the parents and the kids to get out a minute ago but..." She stutters, fear overtaking her. 
"Perrie!" Zayn shouts, rushing back into the park.
"You can't go in there!" Louis tells him; grabbing his arm and spinning him round.
"I'm not leaving her, Louis!" He screams in his face, eyes wild with panic. 





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