Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


81. Cup Of Tea

Crystal's POV 

Creeping through the door, I grin immediately as I spot Susie and Harry speaking gently to eachother in hushed whispers on the hospital bed.  Harry's back was to me and I could see the side of Susie's flushed face over his broad shoulder.

"Hey," I whisper, stepping inside. Harry turns from his position on the bed and smiles broadly at me. He pushes up from the bed whilst greeting me and goes to stand at Susie's side, near the headrest. She smiles at me too as I head quietly over and the others come through the door excitedly. 

"How are you feeling?" I ask her and she nods, looking down at the baby nestled in her chest.
"Good, It was... Terrifying. But... definitely worth it." She beams up at me, eyes glinting with happiness, and then offers the baby, which is bundled in a blanket, to me. I nod and take her from Susie's arms, carefully cradling her tiny body in my arms. It takes me back to when I first held Calla. Pride shines within me as I look at the boy and girl side by side infront of me and the baby girl in my arms. 
"Have you named her yet?" El asks as I hand the baby to Perrie, who carefully takes her and cooes down at her tiny figure. Susie nods and looks at Harry, who puts his arm around her and perches on the edge of the bed beside her. He kisses her forehead and smiles back up at us all; watching as Perrie hands the baby to Niall.
"Guys, this is little Darcy Rose Styles." 





Placing Cee back down in her cot, I stand and smile around the room. My mind travels back to when the boys decorated this for me. It was amazing. 

"Mummy?" Cee says, eyes drifting shut.

"Yes, Baby?" I lean on the edge of her cot and look down at her small body. Her blonde curls were spread out around her head like a soft halo, her white baby-grow giving her the image of an angel. 

"Can you sing me a song, mummy?" She asks, eyes slipping closed. I smile softly and nod, reaching down and running my fore-finger along her plump cheek. She smiles gently and I begin to sing.

Before long, her breathing slows and her arms fall limp at her sides. I stand at the side of her cot and look down at her sleeping body for several long minutes; taking in her perfection. It still amazed me how I had produced something so beautiful and... perfect. And the fact that I was a parent to her with such a perfect boy was just... even more perfect. Niall was everything to me; Having Calla had only made me realise this even more. 

Niall's voice faintly calling my name draws me from my thoughts. I look over my shoulder and smile tenderly as he walks towards me. His blue eyes light up as he grins back at me; blonde hair damp from the shower.

"Hey," He says and I hold a finger to my lips. He frowns before realising Calla's asleep. 

"Hey." He repeats, quieter this time as he approaches me. He wraps his arms around my waist from behind; chin resting on my head. 

"Hi," I whisper back, leaning back on to his chest and smiling. 

"Where is everyone?" I ask, closing my eyes drearily. I had been up and about all day food shopping, cooking, cleaning and sorting the apartment out; barely having time to sit down. It was starting to take its toll on me.

"Susie and Harry left to go and visit his parents with Darcy, Liam has taken Dani out for dinner. Perrie and Zayn are at the house with El and Lou." He replies, a tone of mischief coming into his voice.

"So we have the apartment to ourselves," He remarks in my ear, breath hot on my cheek. I chuckle slightly, my stomach pinging.

"So that means you can make me a cup of tea with no distractions?" I ask, cheekily. He chuckles throatily. I turn in his arms to face him, wrapping my arms around his neck and drawing a pattern with my fingertips at the nape of his neck. He smiles impishly down at me. 

"Please?" I ask, innocently; trying my hardest to bat my eyelashes in an attempt to persuade him. 

"Fine," He grumbles, leaning down and biting on my lower lip with another chuckle.

"Niall," I warn against his lips, smiling as he kisses me.

"I'll be two minutes." He whispers before pulling away reluctantly and walking out of the room. I shake my head with a chuckle before turning to Cee's cot again. Leaning down, I kiss her nose gently and whisper goodnight against her cheek before standing up and following him out of the door.


Crystal's POV 


Pushing Calla's pram beside Susie, I close my eyes momentarily and let the warm summer air wash over my face. It was the second week of summer and the sun had just decided to make an appearance; much to my liking. 
"It's mad isn't it," Susie says whilst chuckling, causing me to open my eyes and focus again.
"What is?" I ask and she nods at the rest of the park we were walking through.
"A tiny bit of sun and the whole of England decides to bust out their flip-flops and shorts." She laughs and I do too; It was true.
"Well, that's Britain." I add, chuckling and shaking my head.
"Mummy?" Cee calls from her pram. 
"Yes, Cee?" I call back, seeing her small arms stick out from the front of the pram.
"Can we stop and play with toys please?" Her sweet voice asks innocently. I look over at Susie, who nods in agreement. We push the prams onto the grass and come to a stop; taking both the girls out and putting them down on the grass. I get out the toys from my bag and hand them to Cee, who takes them and happily begins playing with Darcy. Me and Susie begin talking when my phone ringing causes me to stop. I look down at the screen, seeing Louis' number flash up.
"Crystal, where are you?" He asks, the sounds of people behind him. I frown slightly.
"The park, with Susie and the girls." I tell him. Susie looks at me questioningly and I shrug, mouthing 'Louis' at her. She nods and takes her own phone out of her pocket. 

"Can you come and meet us?" He asks.
"Why?" I question.
"I'm kind of in the middle of some-" 

"Please, Crystal? It's important," 

I roll my eyes at his comment before giving in.

"Where though?" I ask, looking around for any sign of them. 

"The flower shop at the end of our street." 
"Sure but-" Before I have a chance to ask him why again, he puts the phone down.
"What was that about?" Susie asks, typing something on her own phone.
"I have no idea. I've been told we need to go and meet them," I tell her, standing up and walking over to where Calla is sitting opposite Darcy. Scooping her up, I fasten her into her pram; putting the toys back into my bag as Susie does the same with Darcy.
"Where?" She asks as we begin to push the prams back onto the path.
"The flower shop," I shrug.


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