Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


49. Control


Crystal's POV


"I actually can't find it anywhere!" I hear someone complain in the background. But I'm not paying attention. All I can see is myself. My reflection. Myself in  the mirror. I hadn't done this in a long time… looked at myself properly I mean. I used to.
A lot.
I would spend hours standing there in utter disgust. Prodding, poking, gagging, hating. It was disgusting. Degrading. But I couldn't stop myself from doing it. It was like a drug. Like a game. Finding the most flaws in the shortest amount of time. I would do it constantly. But it felt strange now. Niall always told me how beautiful I was but I never believed him; I couldn't. I'd spent too many years drumming it into my mind that I was fat and ugly and worthless to ever believe him so quickly. 
"Crystal?" El asks softly, coming to stand beside me in the mirror. My hands slowly find my stomach and I gently carress it. The nerves return. I couldn't do this. 
"I- I-" I stutter, not being able to control myself. 
"Crystal, Crystal. Look at me." Eleanor puts her hands on both of my shoulders and stands in front of me.
"Crystal, take a deep breath. Calm down, please." She meets my eyes and I shake my head. All those nights were coming back to me. The nights I spent cowering in my dark bedroom. The nights I thought about running away. Leaving. Not just my home. Not the country. But life. The nights I hated myself so much I would scream and cry; smashing my mirror to pieces and then staring blankly at the broken shards lying on the floor. The nights I held my breath when my dad got home. The nights I cried for my mum. The nights I remembered her. The nights I didn't want to live.
"Crystal, Crystal, Calm down." El's voice was becoming desperate now; I was scaring her. 
"Please, Crystal." She leads me over to the bed and sits me down, wrapping an arm around my shoulders and letting me cry.

Harry's POV

"Girls?" I call softly, knocking on Perrie's bedroom door. I hear shuffling and someone calling 'One moment'. The door flies open and Susie stands there, her eyes slowly trailing up my body before finally resting on my eyes with an impish grin.
"Hey," She says low and I smile at her. She chews on her lower lip and casts a quick glance over her shoulder. I do the same and see El wiping Crystal's eyes whilst Danielle and Perrie talk to her softly.
"What's-" I go to ask but Susie shakes her head at me, pressing her forefinger to my lips.
"Later." Is all she says. I nod, understanding. Entwining our fingers I tell her how beautiful she looks; bringing out the red in her cheeks. 
"Let's go!" Perrie squeals, accent tiggling her words. She was obviously excited.  I chuckle as she runs ahead and jumps into Zayn's arms; wrapping herself around him. 
"Where's Crystal?" Niall asks Susie, looking worriedly down the corridor as Danielle and El come out of the bedroom behind us. 
"Give her two minutes," Danielle tells him softly. His face contorts and it's obvious he's dying to go and see her. 
"She'll be fine, mate." I say, placing a hand on his shoulder comfortingly.
I hoped so.

"Where are the girls?" I shout to Niall over the noise. He frowns and spins on his heels; looking behind him in the crowds. We were making our way back stage before the show started and the small hall were Ed was playing was already packed with screaming fans. Some had spotted us so security had rushed over to escort us.
"I have no idea." He shouts back, concerned. I chew on my lip and look around as we follow the rest of the boys and girls up the stage and through the door to backstage.
"Where's Crystal?" Perrie asks suddenly, glancing around as the door closes and we're left alone in the room behind the stage.
"And Susie," Danielle adds, running a hand through her long hair and looking around too.
"We must have lost them when we were in the crowds," Liam says and panic rushes through me. They could be anywhere. I see the panic strike Niall's face too and Zayn hands me his phone.
"Call Ed," He suggests and I nod. We had been friends for a long time and he hadn't had the chance to meet the girls yet but that didn't mean I couldn't try. I press call and wait for him to answer.
"Zayn?" His voice says through the phone.
"Ed, mate, it's Harry." I say hurriedly. 
"Hey, mate." 
"I need you to do me a huge favour," 

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