Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


78. Congratulating

Crystal's POV 

Creeping down the hallway, I poke my head in Cee's room. The sound of her gentle breathing fills the room as she turns in her sleep. Gingerly pulling the door back, I listen as the lock gives a soft click. Turning, I nearly slam straight into El. 
"Hey," I whisper, letting go of the door handle and smiling at her. A black shirt adorns her top half, the bottom a pair of tattered pyjamas.
"Hey," She smiles back, pulling her ponytail tighter. We begin to walk back towards the living room. Glancing at my phone screen, I see that it's quarter to seven at night.
"Last night was good, wasn't it?" El says, sitting down on the plump sofa. I do the same and smile.
"Yeah," I agree with a nod. Louis had taken us all out for dinner at a restaurant in central London. It was lovely and really relaxed. We left Calla with Susie's parents so my night was worry free. 
"Is Cee asleep already?" El asks, switching on the tv.
"Yep, Niall and Harry took her to the park today with Lou and Lux. They all came back shattered," I chuckle deeply at the thought. Niall stumbles into the room at that moment, fresh from the shower.
"You look knackered, Niall." El laughs, both of us watching him as he falls limply onto the sofa opposite.
"Kids are hard work," His voice is muffled by the sofa; he was laying down flat on his face.
"We're going out tomorrow too," I remind him, throwing a pillow his way. He groans and chucks it back playfully.
"Do we have to?" He complains like a little kid, causing me to chuckle as he turns his face to look at me.
"Yes, we do." 
"Why?" He asks, turning on to his back to look at the tv.
"Susie and Harry want to tell us something," I shrug and try my best to look as innocent as possible. El catches my eye and bites back a laugh. We both knew but we were on strict rules not to tell any of the boys.

Sitting in the park, with the sun shining down, Susie clears her throat nervously. Harry squeezes her hand reassuringly and she smiles gratefully at him. 
"We... Erm... We've been meaning to tell you all." Harry starts for her and she takes another deep breath.
"We're having a baby," Susie says it and looks down at the floor. Immediately, the boys jump up and move around excitedly. The next few minutes pass in a blur; the girls chatting in awe to Susie and I begin to reassure her that everything will be okay. Before long the boys are tumbling around on the grass play fighting; laughing and shouting mockingly. Shaking my head, we set off home, the boys trailing behind teasing and congratulating Harry mercilessly. 


Susie's POV


My hands absentmindedly fly to my bulging stomach as me and Niall look over the notepad infront of us on the coffee table. Cee was on the floor playing with some dolls quietly as everyone else was out for the day.  
"What about this?" Niall suggests, pointing at the second suggestion.
"I'm pretty sure he's already got those," I frown as I try to think.
"Yep." I nod, remembering seeing the pairs of shoes on his bedroom floor last week.
"Do you know what?" I say, standing up and stretching my back. It had been aching a lot lately. Niall gets up off the sofa too and slides down to sit opposite Cee, picking up a doll.
"I'm going to go down to the shopping center now and have a look. I can't take any more magazines," I shake my head at them in disgust and grab my keys, purse and phone from the coffee table.
"Are you sure?" Niall asks, turning to face me with a face full of concern. I tuck my hair behind my ear and nod in answer.
"Be careful, Susie." He warns, returning to playing with Calla.
"I will!" I call, before stepping outside and closing the front door behind me; the cold January air seeping through my coat. 

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