Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


88. Changed


Crystal's POV

"Mummy!" I shout over the noise of the busy shop.
"Mummy!" I shout louder, my lungs burning with the effort. I run around the shop frantically; my heart racing. I finally give up after what feels like hours and slump to the floor, folding my small arms across my chest. I begin to cry as I realise I'm left alone in this horrible place without my mummy to protect. 

I bolt upright in bed, sheets sticking to my body with sweat. My hear was racing and my palms were clammy.
"Oh my god," I whisper, placing my trembling hands over my face. I could still feel the horrible feeling I had felt when I was five and lost my mum in a supermarket for nearly an hour. I reach over to the other side of the bed, instinctively searching for Niall's body. But my hand only comes into contact with cold sheets, causing my heart to squeeze with hurt. Sighing, I pull back the covers and slip my freezing cold feet into my slippers. I grab my dressing gown from where it was strewn on the floor and pull it over me as I head for the bedroom door. Checking my phone, I see that it's just gone twelve. I run my hands tensely through my tangled hair as I make my way down the stairs and into the kitchen. I begin making a cup of tea in an attempt to calm myself down when Perrie and El appear in the doorway. Both of them dressed in pyjamas and their hair a wild mess. 
"Hey," El says softly, advancing towards me and running her hand up my forearm gently.
"Hiya," I reply, sniffing.

"You alright?" Perrie asks, taking a seat a the bar-stool as I stir sugar into my mug.
"I guess," I shrug and El takes the milk from me and puts it back into the fridge. I sigh and take a seat on the counter opposite Perrie and El on the barstools.
"Do you know where he's gone?" El asks and I take a sip of tea, feeling empty inside.
"His mums." I reply and they both nod.
"Crystal...I... me and El have been talking and Susie agrees too," Perrie starts, shooting a look at El. I lift my eyebrows up at them both.
"We think maybe... Maybe you should meet up with your dad." El finishes for her, looking at me warily. I shake my head again but the longing I felt for my father still remained. Although he had treated me like anything but a daughter for years he was still my father and... I don't know. He was the closest thing I had to my mum. 

"It's just a suggestion and we're not going to tell you what you have and don't have to do but... We think it might be a good thing... for everyone." Perrie adds, eyeing me with caution.
"But... I wish I could but... you weren't living through the hell that was my life a few years ago." I finally choke out with a heavy sigh. Running my hand through my hair I sigh again.
"Calla keeps asking to see him." I tell them and El gives me a sympathetic look.
"Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad idea." Perrie says carefully.
"We'll come with you, we wouldn't let you go alone." El adds, nodding at Perrie who agrees.
"But... I highly doubt Niall will let me... let alone taking Cee with me." I say sadly at the realisation. And really... did I want to put my daughter in that much danger? I knew what he was capable off... that was certain. But there was still a glimmer of hope within me that hoped he had changed. But could you change from something so horrific?
"Or maybe... You could invite him over here?" El suggests, raising her eyebrows.
"He knows you're here after all." Perrie adds gently. I draw in a long breath before exhaling.
"I guess so," I say slowly, still not liking the idea. 

"Please, answer. Please."  I murmur under my breath as I pace around the garden, pleading for her to pick up.
"Crystal?" Maura's velvety voice floats through the phone; sending a wave of relief and fear through me.
"Hi, Maura." I say, biting my nails.
"Erm, is Niall there with Cee?" I ask, closing my eyes in hope as I wait for her response.
"Yes, he's just in the shower. They got here at two in the morning. Why do you ask? Niall said you knew they were coming?" She asks, sounding confused. I can here Calla in the background and my heart aches to be with her again; to know that she was safe.
"Yes, he told me. It was just a bit...." I search for the right word in order to not give it away. It's obvious Niall hadn't told her what had really gone on.
"Unplanned, that's all." I finish, running my hand through my hair as I already had a thousand times this morning.
"Did you want to speak to him? I think he's out now." She suggests.
"Oh no! No, it's fine. I'll ring him later on." I say, pulse racing.
"Yes, darling?" 
"Could you please not tell Niall that I rang you?" I ask, hoping he doesn't already know it's me.
"Why not? Is something wrong?" She asks, sounding concerned.
"No, no. Nothing's wrong... well," I breath in deeply.
"Yes, actually there is. And I just want to talk to Niall myself before he goes getting the wrong impression is all." I finish, hoping she'll agree.
"I won't, darling. I promise." I can hear her asking Calla if she's okay and I feel tears threatening to spill.
"Thank you so much, Maura. Speak to you soon," I say and we say our goodbyes before she cuts the line. I stand there for several moments, just staring at my phone screen. I longed to be with him and Cee again... it was like a craving and being away from them just made it all harder.
"Who was that?" Susie asks, stepping out of the patio doors with Darcy cuddled to her chest. My heart pings at the sight.
"Maura." I tell her, saying hello to Darcy. She giggles in return and I stroke her dark hair.
"How'd it go?" She asks softly, eyes searching mine. I hum and nod in response.
"I'm going to ring him later," I add, following her into the house again.
"When's he coming back?" She asks, putting Darcy into the high-chair and fastening her bright pink bib around her neck.
"No idea." I reply, truthfully. I hadn't spoken to him all morning. And to be honest, I was dreading doing so. 


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