Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


60. Balloons

Crystal's POV 

"We'll be about ten minutes," Niall says, kissing me on the forehead before heading through the door behind the other boys.
"Hey, beautiful." I whisper, bouncing Lux on my knee. She gurgles slightly; reaching out towards the boys behind the glass of the booth. They were doing an interview for a radio station in LA and we could see them right through the glass as they take their seats.
"They'll be out before you know it." I say to Lux and she sighs slightly, settling back onto my belly. I watch intently as her eyelids softly slide shut and she falls into a peaceful sleep.
"Hey, Crystal thanks again for-" Lou stops, taking in Lux's sleeping body.
"Atleast she won't be a problem now." Lou whispers, chuckling. I chuckle too and she thanks me again before heading out of the radio station.

I cradle Lux, rocking her ever so gently, for the next ten minutes before the boys come out again.
"How was it?" I ask Niall softly as they all file out one after the other. 
"Great." He chuckles, stroking Lux's cheek softly.
"Let's head back to the hotel," Harry says as his phone rings. He holds up a finger and dissapears around the corner before returning, cheeky grin plastered on his face.
"Let's go get dinner first," He suggests and everyone nods.
"We need to bring some back for the girls too," I add as we follow Harry out of the station. He nods, climbing into the front seat of the car. I buckle Lux into her car seat with some help from Louis before clambering in myself.


Pushing Lux in her pram along the hallway of the hotel; I come to a top outside mine and El's hotel room. Perrie was about to have an interview with Little Mix, so Lou was going to do their hair and makeup. The other girls said they were going out for a meal, or shopping or something, but I didn't feel up to it. The boys had gone to get pizza for dinner but I insisted they dropped me off before they went. Lux had been getting hungry so I had told Lou I would take her back to my room and have her until she was back from doing Little Mix's stuff. I open the door to the room and push Lux through; spotting Lou packing make-up into a bag. 
"Hi Crystal! Are you sure you're still alright with looking after this little monkey?" Lou looks up and smiles as I close the door behind me. 
"Of course," I grin at her, pushing Lux to a stop beside the sofa where Lou was. 
"Well, here's my number, if there's any problems." She looks flustered as she hands me a piece of paper with her number scribbled on to it.
"Be good for Crystal, Lux!" She gives Lux a small wave before thanking me again and hurrying out of the door.  I place Lux gently on the sofa and turn on some cartoons to keep her occupied, while I go to the kitchen and make myself a cup of tea. Half an hour later we were sitting on the floor, playing with some dolls when I heard my phone in the kitchen, so hopped up to get it.
Hey Crystal! Meet me and the girls in Niall's hotel room at 5. Lou will pick up Lux at 4:30. Don't be late!
Susie xxx
I scrunch my nose up as I type a reply; they were up to something. They were so gonna get it later, they know I hate surprises. I try and push whatever they're doing to the back of my mind as I spend the rest of the afternoon with Lux, who was most likely the best behaved toddler ever. At 4:45 there was a knock on the door, I open it to see Lou, looking extremely flustered again.
"I'm so sorry I'm late Crystal! I tried to get here as quick as I could, but there was so much traffic."  I open the door further letting her through. 
"I hope she's been good for you." She says with a smile, swooping her into her arms. 
"Like an angel!" I reply, smiling too. 
"We'll thanks so much again, I won't keep you any longer. You better be off to the girls!"
"I'm worried! Do you have any idea what they're planning?" I ask with a sigh, following her towards the door. 
She taps the side of her nose, and walks out the door. I trial over to wardrobe and begin to get ready. I decide to go casual, besides, there's not many clothes that can fit over my now massive bump. At 5:00 I'm standing outside Niall's hotel room door. I take a deep breath and knock. 

Eleanor's POV

We met Lou at the boy's hotel before their interview and went into Niall's room. We made sure the boys were definitely going to be out for around 3 hours, before beginning to set up. Me and Danielle were busy tying pale blue and lilac balloons to every surface we could find when there was a knock on the door, and in walked Perrie and Susie, laden with bags. A usual sight. Why did we let the shopaholics go baby shopping? I look at them and sigh, waiting for an explanation. Perrie glances at Susie, waiting for her to explain.
"Well, we've never been shopping out here in LA before so..." Susie trails off, looking sheepishly down at the floor with a grin. 
"But we promise El, you won't be angry when you see what we got!" Perrie continues, smiling and placing the many bags clustering her hands onto the floor. 
"Seriously, some of the outfits are so adorable!" Susie finishes, taking a few out of her bags. I open my mouth to answer but a knock at the hotel door makes me clamp it shut again. 
"She's there!" Perrie hisses, looking around panicked. 
"Hide," Danielle whispers, ducking behind the sofa. I follow her and watch as Perrie switches off the lights before slowly unlocking the door. She quickly creeps over to crouch behind the other sofa as the door swings open slightly.
"Hello?" Crystal calls out timidly, stepping into the room. I hold back a chuckle as we hear her hand search for the lightswitch. Suddenly, the room is flooded with light and we all jump out; screaming 'Surprise!' at Crystal.
"Oh my god," Crystal exclaims, pressing a hand to her heart before chuckling.
"What are you lot doing?" She asks in surprise, looking around the hotel room. We had decorated the whole room and layed out mounds of presents on the floor, food and drinks all layed out too.
"A baby shower," Perrie explains, grinning and taking Crystal by the hand; leading her over to the sofa. 

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