Broken Crystals

When Crystal collapses in the middle of the road after another beating, headlights are the last thing she sees. She wakes up in a strange house, surrounded by five strange boys. She refuses to relax around them or be herself. But can the one Irish boy with the beautiful blue eyes show her what it means to be loved and fix her cracks?


36. Angel

Eleanor's POV

"Hey guys!" Susie chimes as we walk into the salon. I spot Perrie beside a chair to the right of the large room, a man with streaked hair beside her. 
"Where's Crystal?" Danielle asks and I look at the girl in the chair. Perrie beams at us and the man winks. The girl swivels round in the chair, a shy grin on her face and it's only then that I realise it's Crystal. 
"Oh my god, Crystal!" I exclaim with a smile. Her rib caged length hair had been cut slightly and it looked so much healthier; It shone in it's natural waves. It had been dyed a pastel purple colour; slightly lighter at the ends. It really suited her and brought out her large eyes.
"I love it," Susie says and Crystal bites her lip.
"I'm not too sure," She says, picking up a piece at the front and looking at it in the light.
"It looks wonderful, hunny." The man, who I assumed was the hair-dresser, assures her.
"It does," Danielle nods with a grin.
"Niall won't recognise you,"  Perrie tells her and we all agree.
"Thank you so much, Lee." Perrie says to the man and he kisses her on the cheeks.
"You're very welcome," He pulls back with a smile before taking the cloak off Crystal. She stands up and brushes the stray hair from her clothes. 
"Just make sure to tell all the newspaper people that it was me that done it for 'ya, okay hunny?" He winks at Crystal before heading behind the counter. Crystal laughs  and tells him she will. Perrie goes to pay him and I turn to Crystal.
"It looks lovely, Crystal." I tell her and she bites her lip again.
"It's a bit... noticeable. Don't you think?" She glances at herself in the mirror behind me. I shake my head with a chuckle.
"You really don't like the attention, do you?" I ask her and she shakes her head.
"Well, I don't think you've got a choice now." Danielle says, nodding out of the salon window. 

Crystal's POV

I follow Danielle's gaze and see the masses of people crowding the entrance to the salon.
"Oh my god," Perrie says, catching sight of them all. 
"What are we going to do?" I ask, looking nervously at Susie.
"I have an idea," She says with a confident smile.

Five minutes later me, Danielle, Perrie and Eleanor are sneaking out of the salon and running towards the glass doors that lead to the outside world. 
"Where is she?" Danielle asks as we stop to catch our breath outside of the shopping centre.
"I'm here," Someone says, breathing hard. I spin on my heels to find Susie standing there, her hair a mess and her clothes rumpled.
"What happened?" Perrie asks her as we all begin jogging back to the apartment. 
"I screamed 'Harry Styles' loads and everyone followed me," She chuckles to herself as she adjusts her shopping bags on her arms. We make it back to the apartment and Louis comes out of their house shouting Eleanor's name. She doesn't answer him as we all head in to the apartment block.
"I don't want them to see Crystal," Perrie tells her quickly and Eleanor nods in agreement.
"Eleanor!" Louis shouts again, rushing into the building after us. Perrie shoves me behind her and I crouch as we wait for the lift. 
"Hey!" She exclaims, hugging him and turning them both around so her head faces us.
'Go' She mouths and we all clamber into the lift. 
"That was so close," Susie breaths as the doors open again on the third floor. Everyone enters the apartment and begins to put bags down when I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket. I pull it out and answer, smiling as I realise it's Niall.
"Hello, Angel." Niall's voice calls through the speaker and my stomach pings at the nick-name.
"Hey," I reply, placing my bags down with a smile.
"What are you up to?" He asks and I can hear Harry shouting at the tv in the background.
"Nothing. Just got back from shopping." I tell him and Perrie cocks an eyebrow at me. I mouth Niall's name and she grins. Before I know what she's doing, she snatches the phone from my hand and is pressing it to her own ear.
"Get the boys and be over in an hour," She barks before putting the phone down. I scowl at her as she hands me my phone back.
"Why?" I groan and she shoots me a grin before rifling around in my shopping bags.
"We're going to give him the shock of his life." Perrie's voice is filled with determination. 



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