Danielle is in for a surprise when her feelings change. These feelings surprise her but she is infatuated by them.


2. Cafe

Braxton and I are meeting up for some coffee at the local Starbucks. I am already sitting at an outside table when I see him walking up, I greet him with a hug. “Good morning.” he says. “Top of the day to you lad.” I say just to be funny, we both laugh. We love each others company, you could say we are like brother and sister. He orders for the both of us, he gets what he wants and he knows what I want because I always get the same thing, a cappuccino. We sit there and talk for about an hour then I realize I told my mom i’d be home at 12p.m. and its already 11:30a.m. I get up and say “Sorry to leave all of the sudden, but I told my mom i’d be home at 12p.m. to help her redecorate the house.” We hug and agree on texting later when I have time. I turn and start walking home. When home I smell paint, she must have been to anxious to wait for me to get home to start. So I go up to my room and throw on some clothes that I can get dirty. When I come back down I see she is already don with the guest bathroom. I join her in the next room. We are using brighter colors this time, because of the new start in our life's that should make us love our life even more. A little over an hour later I feel a vibration in my pocket, i put my paint roller down and wipe my hands on my pants to answer my phone it’s

Braxton: “Do you guys need any help redecorating?”

Me: “Sure, put some clothes on that you can get dirty and come over and walk in.”

Braxton: “Ok! Be there soon.”

I put my phone back into my pocket and start painting again. As we are painting I ask my mom if we could turn on some music, and told her that Braxton was coming over to help. She was happy I had the idea of music, and that Braxton was going to help us. Moments later Braxton walks through the door and sees the color of the living room walls he says “Holy cow, that is amazing, but smells strongly of paint.” “Well what did you expect.” Me and my mom say synchronized. The next room we were planning to do was a small one so my mom tells Braxton and I to do the stairs. She wants us to paint it teal and white staggered mountain pattern. We say “Ok.” That takes about an hour to tape and paint. We stop after were done with the stairs, and the small room. It is now 3:30p.m. and we decide to stop for the day and make dinner. After we are done eating dinner, Braxton leaves. After Braxton leaves my mom and I sit in the living room and watch movies. We watched 3 movies; Up, Temptation, and The Blind Side. After the movies, we got ready for bed, I took some Advil because I felt a headache coming on. Then we went to sleep, well my mom did. I couldn’t fall asleep so I found my headphones and listened to music till I fell asleep.

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