Her Only Treasure

Kelly has just lost her mother in an accident and her family are out of money. She lost her dog too.


3. No Luck

It’s been a week and no good news has come. Kelly hasn’t been home instead she’s been sitting next to her mother’s bed twenty four hours a day. She hasn’t gone to school and can’t get home without travelling for hours. Her mother hasn’t eaten, spoke or drank anything. Her dog Rex was with her the whole time and hadn’t gone out for the whole time. He would sit beside in silence and watched Kelly’s mother hoping that she would open her eyes.

“Honey are you OK, do you need anything?” said her grandmother slowly coming in through the door. “No thanks, but I do need my mother to get better!” she replied. “Honey I know how you feel but I have got some good and bad news for you!” Her grandmother sat down next to her and said “The good news is that I’ve found someone that can pay for your mother’s hospital expenses but the bad news is that you need to back to school because if you don’t go to school on Monday they will take away your admission and then you will have to walk thirty or something blocks to go to your new school!” They both walked out of the room and Rex was slowly walking behind them, then Kelly said “Does that mean we’ve got to go home now?” Her grandmother looked at her and nodded so then they left slowly and got home at midnight. 

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