Her Only Treasure

Kelly has just lost her mother in an accident and her family are out of money. She lost her dog too.


1. It all begins here

“Honey come and eat your breakfast or you’ll be late for school,” said Kelly’s mother. “I’m coming, mom,” she replied.  Kelly came down in her red chequered school dress with her hair in pig tails. She had breakfast and went straight out the door and onto her rusty, old bike.

She got to school and parked her bike. She went to registration and then to class. She has a really busy day at school because she has got eight lessons in a day. She has maths, English, geography, music, history, French, computer technology and science.

“So, how was school today?” said Kelly’s Mother. “Perfect mom. I got 97% in my maths test and I got 3 merits in geography! And by the way am I am not going to eat dinner because I need to take Rex out for a walk and I have got loads of homework to do.”

After getting changed Kelly and her dog Rex headed outside for a walk and the sun started to set and it also started to get cold and chilly. She ran around the park and played near the lake and she bought ice cream for the two of them. It started to get really late so she headed back home. When she got home she went to bed.

“Mom, why do you have to work nights?” said Kelly. “Kelly I have explained this to you before. This is the only way we can live. If I don’t go to work then you can’t go to school or eat or have Rex! So you need to understand!” replied her mother. “OK, then goodbye mom and goodnight grandma. Come on Rex, let’s go to bed!” said Kelly.

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