Her Only Treasure

Kelly has just lost her mother in an accident and her family are out of money. She lost her dog too.


2. Gone!


As soon as Kelly found out her mother had an accident se ran straight down the stairs and towards the front door. And her dog, Rex, was following her. She hopped on her old, rusty bike and rode as fast as she could. Rex was still right next to her, panting along. His little brown tail never stopped wagging. When she saw the hospital over the buildings and all the way down on the other side of town she rode her bike even faster that it broke that instant into pieces. She knew she couldn’t stop so she threw her bike onto the grass and ran. She didn’t have the money to afford a cab or a new bike so from now on she would have to walk eight blocks into town to get a bus for school.

She finally reached the hospital and ran to the reception lady and asked her what room her mother was in and then she ran straight to the tenth floor without a single break (the lifts were out of order). She got to the tenth floor and looked in so many rooms but she couldn’t see her mother. When she got to the last room on the tenth floor she fell in exhaustion. A nurse ran up to her with a glass of water and sprinkled it on Kelly’s face. The second that Kelly opened her eyes she got up and went into the last room and saw her mother lying on the bed in complete silence with so many different wires connected to her. The nurse followed her in and her grandmother came walking in slowly and out of breath. She saw a screen next to her mother’s bed with small and zigzag lines on it. The nurse standing next to her said, “She is in severe pain and cannot move, speak or do anything so she’ll be here for a couple of weeks or months! Her accident was the worst situation I have ever seen.”

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