The Poster

What happens what Kenya's Niall Horan poster comes to life?


21. Welcome Home?

Two hours later Kenya was being wheeled by Tobias in a wheelchair to his awaiting car.

"Thanks," Kenya kissed him hardly on the lips as he lifted her up bridal style and placed her in the back seat of his small car. It was old and rickety, ancient to be honest. It used to be his parents, a handmedown.

Tobias kissed back before taking his head back and closing the passenger door. He then went into the drivers seat and started to drive. 

"I'm going to grab a Starbucks... want something?" He looked through the mirror, but not waiting for a reply went into the small road where there was a Starbucks drive through. He ordered an elaborate coffee and a water, and gave Kenya the water. 

"Whats this?" Kenya asked, enraged. The ice juggled around. She scrunched up at her nose in disgust. 

"Hey... haven't you noticed all those pounds you put on in the hospital?" Tobias looked at her. "You're chin looks like its doubling up!

She blushed in embarrassment and put her hand over her chin, seeing for herself to see if Tobias was telling the truth. Was it true? She took a sip of the icecold water while the car sped back out on the road. 

"I'll drop you off at home," he told her. "I'll be late for my soccer game if I don't hurry."

Kenya rolled her eyes. Of course. His soccer game. They quickly came to Kenya's house, and with Tobias urging her out, he literally threw her out of the car being speeding off into the distance. 

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