The Poster

What happens what Kenya's Niall Horan poster comes to life?


22. Want her

Niall stared at his phone... the numbers glaring at him. He was going to call her. He was going to call her... No. He couldn't. But he knew her number and it would just make sense to phone her. No. He was mad at her. She didn't think she was beautiful... she didn't take her insulin. He was mad. 

"Niall..." Liam's voice broke through his thoughts. 

"Yeah?" Niall looked up from the dialing screen on his phone and saw Liam's caring eyes. 

"Are you really mad at her? Or... or are you just upset and don't know how to express it so it comes out as anger?" Liam sat down on the bed by Niall. Liam was sleeping over at Niall's that night. Liam figured Niall needed some support. 

"I... I don't know." Niall shook his head, angry at himself that he didn't know the answer. 

"It's ok, Niall... really. Louis told me what happened... and you know the song Little Things is written for girls just like Kenya, who aren't confident with themselves and don't see themselves as perfect."

"I know..."

"But Niall... do you have feelings for Kenya? Do you like her or do you love her?" Usually this would be said in a jokingly tone, but this time it was serious. It wasn't the time to be joking around. 

"I..." Niall looked squarely into Liam's eyes. His mind was racing with so many different answers, but one stuck out and he spoke it. "Yes... I love her. I want her to be mine."


written by: ilovewriting

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