The Poster

What happens what Kenya's Niall Horan poster comes to life?


20. Tobias

Kenya grabbed her phone from off of the nightstand. She unlocked it, and found her top contact, Tobias. Yes, they had gotten into an argument, and yes it was all her fault. She needed company. She pressed dial

One ring.

Two rings.


"What do you want now?" Tobias growled.

"Look, I'm sorry," Kenya softly apologized. She quickly explained the past few days. "So can you come?"

Tobias sighed heavily. "Ok, I'm on my way, babe." The line went dead.

A flutter of excitement went through Kenya, she got Tobias back!


"I heard someone needs a visit?" An hour later Tobias showed up at the front door, a bunch of roses in his hand.

"Tobias!" She squeeled. "Thanks!" Tobias came closer, and handed her the roses before going in for a kiss. They both kissed for a few minutes at least before Tobias broke it.

"You look horrible!" He commented.

"I know..." Kenya made a funny face. "I'm being forced to go back on my insulin and they're making me gain weight." She heavily sighed.

"They want you to gain weight?!" Tobias looked at Kenya's arm. "You already are fat!"

She looked at her arm, which was a good size, but to her it was to big. Tobias' words hurt, but they were true. She was fat.

"Get me out of here?" She pleaded.


written by: ilovewriting

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