The Poster

What happens what Kenya's Niall Horan poster comes to life?


24. The poster

Tears welled in her eyes as she watched the full video, 6 minutes long. It was for her. Niall had said sorry to her, the whole world as a witness. He said that he loved her. 

Kenya lowered her head trying not to cry as she was figuring out her thoughts... did she love him too? 

"I don't know..." she whispered and picked up her phone. Niall had put his number in there for her. She dialed it and he picked up straight away. 

"Kenya?" His voice was highly anxious, scared and strained. 

"Yeah, it's me Niall. I called to say that you are forgiven... and that I'm sorry as well. I should learn to look after myself, but Tobias told me -"

"Enough about this Toby person," Niall demanded. "You deserve better."


"No... shhh... Kenya... would you have the pleasure of being my girlfriend?" His heard was pounding, and was surprised that Kenya couldn't hear it from the other end. 

Kenya paused before answering. "Yes. Yes, Niall, I will be your girlfriend." She smiled and thought how much happiness one poster could bring. It was the poster that she looked up to at night... it was that poster which had come to life. It was that poster which changed her life. 



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