The Poster

What happens what Kenya's Niall Horan poster comes to life?


5. The news...

"Very funny Haz, but where's Niall?" Louis asks in disbelief.

"Umm.... He is seriously not here guys." Harry says very seriously. 

"Well, lets find a secret door or SOMETHING!!" Liam yells obviously becoming stressed.

"Guys!! keep calm!" Louis says trying to break it up, these boys were hard to handle at times! "Okay guys, I have an idea!" Louis says, being the smart guy he is! "Why don't we call him? He did have his phone on him when he left didn't he?"

"Yeah, good idea Lou.." Harry says, drifting off to imagine what kind of life it would be without Niall. His laugh, his accent, his love for Nandos, 

"Harry snap out of it! Lou says, realizing what Harry was doing. "Liam, phone please!"

"Oh yep!" Liam says reluctantly handing over his phone. 

**Kenya's house**

"Niall is that your phone ringing?" Kenya asks.

"Oh, yeah" Niall replies, picking up his phone and answering it. "BOYS!!!!!" Niall screams.

"Okay Niall, where are you? This isn't a joke anymore!" Lou says getting even more worried by the minute.

"Hey Lou!" Niall says in his cute Irish accent. "I'm at a fan's house called Kenya and apparently I appeared from her poster."

"Well that explains the poster lying in the closet."

"Listen we'll figure it out!"

"Yeah, okay Lou, but I'm hungry so we'll figure it out after lunch!"

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