The Poster

What happens what Kenya's Niall Horan poster comes to life?


12. Popping the question..

Written by AlyJay(: edited by ilovewriting 

Kenya got up and went to the front door with Niall right behind Her. She answered it and saw none other than..Tobias standing at the doorstep looking both angry and shocked.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, calmly.

"You cant just break up with me like this. I mean of course I'm gonna be mad when you don't answer my calls for a day and then when I finally get an answer, its not even you, its some guy. Some guy who you were probably lip locking with when you weren't answering any of my calls or text messages. I mean you cheat on me and then you're not even smart enough to do a good job of hiding it!" Tobias exclaims angrily.

"See? You said yourself that I'm a cheater and why would you want to be with a cheater?" Kenya questions, again very calmly. "You know what, you are such a skimpy two-timing little-" he begins to say but is cut off by Niall angrily saying,

"A little what? I would advise you not to finish that sentence!" 

Tobias looks at Niall, noticing him for the first time, and says, "Oh yeah? And who are you, pretty boy?"

"I'm the guy who's about to punch your face in and I'm Kenya's new boyfriend," Niall says, kissing her passionately and then slamming the door in Tobias' shocked face.

Kenya locks the door and look at Niall. "Kenya's new boyfriend, huh?" She says, raising her eyebrows with a smirk.

"Well not yet but could I be?" he says, a hopeful smile on dancing on his lips.

"W-what?" she stammers. 

Niall takes both of hands in his, looks into her eyes and says, "Kenya, would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?"

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