The Poster

What happens what Kenya's Niall Horan poster comes to life?


3. Niall

"Excuse me..." Niall carefully pushed Kenya away from his body. "Can you please tell me what your name is and where in the world I am?"

Kenya looked hurt for a minute, but quickly smiled again. "My name is Kenya Morgan and I live in Vancouver, Canada." She smiled and looked at Niall again. "You're the real deal, right?"

"Yes... I am, Kenya...." Niall narrowed his eyes. "This isn't a joke, is it?" He looked past Kenya, and down the hall to see if there were any snickering boys off to the side.

"No," Kenya proudly smiled. "You look even better than the poster!" She turned towards the poster, but stopped in her tracks. "Niall... where did you put my poster?" She jumped over her bed and towards the place where the poster was. Not even a mark was left in place.

"Your poster? Why would I steal your poster?!" Niall ridiculously asked and shook his head. "Listen, Kenya, if this is a joke I need to know now."

"Why would this be a joke? I never asked for the real Niall Horan to appear in my room!" She nearly yelled, though then she blushed. "Sorry, Niall. I didn't mean to be mad. I didn't mean to accuse you." She made a funny face and put her face down in shame.

Taking two large steps Niall walked over to Kenya, and put his large hands on her shoulders. "Kenya, it's ok. I'm just confused. One minute I was in the guitar storage closet ready to shoot the music video for Little Things, and the next I was on the floor of your room." He shook his head. "What's the time?"

"The time?!" Kenya gasped and looked straight into Niall's eyes. "Oh my! I forgot! Shoot!" Suddenly Kenya went out of Niall's grip and started to throw all the paper and books from her desk into a nearby bag.

"What is it, Kenya?" Niall walked over to her, and stopped her.

"School. I'm late for school."

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