The Poster

What happens what Kenya's Niall Horan poster comes to life?


6. Mistake

~ Kenya's House ~

"After lunch?!" Kenya glared at Niall as she sat on the foot of her bed. "Whaddya mean? I thought you needed to get out of here!!"

"Hey... calm down, Kenny," Niall soothingly said as he placed his iPhone on the desk behind him. "I am Niall Horan... and I need to eat." A small smile played at his lips. He pleadingly looked into Kenya's eyes, which showed disapproval. "If you don't feed me I'll tickle you!" He leaned forward, wriggling his fingers.

Kenya let out a high-pitched squeal and jumped off of her bed. "Ok! I'll get you some food!" Cautiously she opened the bedroom door. "My folks are out of town for the next week, so we're home alone."

Niall got up and followed Kenya down the dreary hall and into the old-fashioned kitchen.

"I'll cook up some mac and cheese if you want..." Kenya offered as she looked around the cupboards. "Or maybe some soup? There might be left overs from last night...." She turned towards the fridge, but Niall stopped her from opening it.

"I'm fine with peanut butter sandwich, Love..." He started looking at her face but slowly his gaze went downwards. Mentally he slapped himself and looked back up and Kenya in the eyes.

"I've got a boyfriend," Kenya dryly said in an upset tone, she had clearly seen Niall's indiscreet actions. "And I'm not interested in dating you..." She went and took out a loaf of bread and a peanut butter jar, before grabbing a buttering knife.

"Kenny... I'll make it myself, just 'cause I'm famous doesn't mean I can't do this stuff." The tension was high in the kitchen. "I'm sorry, Kenya... I... I didn't mean too..."

"Sure you didn't," Kenya rolled her eyes. "You're not getting nothing from me, mister, no matter how big and famous you are."

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