The Poster

What happens what Kenya's Niall Horan poster comes to life?


23. little things

The next day Niall and Liam gathered the rest of the band into a small studio and set up a camera so they could record themselves. The musicians got their instruments warmed up, and the boys got their voices ready. When everything was done, Niall stood in front of the camera. He was feeling rather awkward, not sure how to go about doing this. 

"Ok, Niall... you ready?" Louis was at the other end of the camera. 

"Yep." He wasn't. He would never be ready. 

"OK... and go." Louis pressed the 'record' button and hustled over to the background, behind Niall. 

"Hi... so this is a special performance for a very special fan..." Niall thought for a moment of what to say next. "Guys... I messed up! Can we restart this?" He turned around. 

"No way! Keep going!" Zayn encouraged. 

"Ok... so this is a special performance of Little Things for a very special fan. I spent some time with her, and I immensely enjoyed it. I'm sorry that I walked out on a sour note... well... Kenya if you watch this, please forgive me. I miss you. I LOVE you.This song is for you. " With that, he turned around and took a seat with the boys who proceeded to sing Little Things. 

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