The Poster

What happens what Kenya's Niall Horan poster comes to life?


19. home?

"You've only known her for like... how long?" Louis tried to comfort Niall in the black car as they were driving back to Niall's house from the airport.

"A few days... well a few hours before she went into the coma..." Niall sighed... he looked out of the darkly tinted windows. They weren't the only ones on the road, it was busy.

"So don't expect her to tell you everything!" Louis looked at Niall.

"It's not that she didn't tell me... it's that she doesn't think she's beautiful!" Niall shook his head. "She should've kept having her insulin, even though it doesn't matter how she feels about it, and if it makes her keep a normal weight, which nowadays is overweight...."

"Hey... it's ok, man," Louis tried again.

"You guys shot the music video?" He tried to change the subject.

"Yeah, we just need your close ups." Louis showed a smile. "It looks amazing so far!"

"Good, it's my favorite song," Niall smiled as well and turned towards Louis.

"By the way..." Louis hesitated. "We're not going to your house..."

The car turned into a driveway.

"We're going to a show... we have a show tonight, it starts in an hour."

The screams of the fans came through into the car.


written by: ilovewriting

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