The Poster

What happens what Kenya's Niall Horan poster comes to life?


18. Had enough

"Why did you do this? You knew that you needed that insulin!" Kenya had been awake for a total of two hours.

"You won't understand." Kenya shamefully put her head down.

"Try me!" Niall nearly yelled. He was pacing back and forth, furious. All sympathy lost.

"Niall... it's... it's the side effects...." Kenya shrugged. "It made me look fat, and it's easier to loose weight without that junk! Even Tobias said I should stop taking the insulin!"

"Tobias?! TOBIAS?! What does Tobias know?!" He nearly pounded his head into the wall in fusteration. "No! Don't give me that look! You were wrong! You aren't fat and you don't need to loose any weight!"

"You didn't see me before," Kenya softly remarked.

"That's it!" Niall had had enough of Kenya.

"You haven't seen pictures from before! From when I was fat! I still am FAT!" She proceeded to try and get up. "My pants... I've got the biggest size in the class! My tee-shirts are always size large or extra-large while all my so-called friends can get away with an extra-small."

"I've had enough!" Niall yelled. He threw his phone at the wall, not even looking at Kenya and the scared tears in her eyes. He didn't care that his phone screen shattered. "I'm leaving."

"But - "

"No 'buts'!" Niall shook his head forcibly before leaving the hospital room. He didn't take the elevator, but ran downstairs. Luckily there was no fans about, or at least those who didn't recognize him. He stormed out of the hospital and went to the nearest telephone booth and put in the few quarters he had and phoned up Harry.

"I'm ready to leave. Can you arrange for a flight home for me? I don't have my wallet or anything. My passport is still in the safe at home."

"Ok, I will arrange it," Harry promised.

Niall hung up the phone without another word and started walking towards what he thought the general direction of the airport was. After all, it couldn't be that far, could it?


Written by: ilovewriting

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