The Poster

What happens what Kenya's Niall Horan poster comes to life?


8. Boyfriend Troubles

The two leaned in, and Kenya closed her eyes, waiting for Nialls lips to reach hers, when suddenly her phone started to ring.

Niall swore under his breath.

"Niall! Don't swear in a ladies presence!" Kenya scorned, with a smile on her face. She took the phone out of her back pocket and looked at the caller ID. "Ohhh...." she groaned and slipped the phone on the granite countertop.

"Who is it?" Niall looked into Kenya's eyes, seeing frustration.

"My boyfriend." Her lips tightened. "I haven't answered his calls for the past day, and if I answer, I know he will give me sh-"

Niall's finger placed on Kenya's soft lips. Inwardly he noticed how soft they were and how nice it would be to kiss them. "It's not lady-like," he whispered. "Want me to talk to him?"

Blushing, Kenya nodded and pulled away from Niall as he picked up the phone. This was so embarrassing!

"Hello? This is Kenya's phone, can I take a message? She's busy right now," Niall answered before taking the last bite of his toast. His face was relaxed, looking straight at Kenya. She was so beautiful with perfect features. Her smile lit up the room, though it wasn't just her looks which he liked. It was her attitude. "Mhmmm..." He crossed his arms and scrunched up his face.

Kenya looked on, dreading what her boyfriend would be yelling at Niall for. Though, she couldn't help but notice Niall did look a lot more hotter and cuter in person. He looked so relaxed, as if he dealt with angry boyfriends everyday. A smile crossed her face. He most likely did.

"Well, I'll tell you what, Kenya will phone you back when she's not busy..." Niall listened as Tobias started to go on again on what a boy was doing answering his girlfriends phone. "Bye." Niall hung up and handed the phone back to Kenya.

"What'd he say?" Kenya cautiously took the phone back.

"What any boy would say when another boy answers his girlfriends phone," Niall laughed, trying to put some humour into the conversation. "Wasn't going to go and tell him that I'm not just ANY boy." He winked at her.

"Thanks..." Kenya's voice drifted off and she looked as her phone screen lit up. Tobias was texting her:

Cheater! You lying little girl! Why did I ever trust you?!

You know what? I can't stand cheaters!!

She grimaced as she tried t ignore the message... though soon more came and they weren't just from Tobias. They were from everyone she knew, and even the people she didn't know.

A tear entered her eye and she ran into her room.

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