The Poster

What happens what Kenya's Niall Horan poster comes to life?


15. 911 call

 Written by ilovewriting Edited by Martina 1D lover

The sound of hard objects falling to the ground alerted Niall that something was wrong. He was surprised, as he was still waiting by the door. He jumped up the stairs, three at a time, and turned the corner into Kenya's bedroom.

His heart sunk.

Kenya was lying on the floor, unconscious, books littered the floor beside her, her coat on the floor.

After thirty seconds of shock, his first-aid training kicked in. He slowly walked over towards her, knelt down on his knee and felt her neck for a heartbeat. He couldn't find one.

"Don't panic, Niall..." He told himself, breathing in and out slowly. "Lets try the wrist...." He picked up her left arm and felt for a pulse in her wrist. There was one. Faint, but steady. "Ok... she's alive...." Niall closed his eyes, and breathed in deeply, letting out a huge sigh of relief. "Kenya?" He slowly shook her, though she didn't wake up.

It took another minute before he realised he should call an ambulance. Fumbling into his back pocket he retrieved his phone and dailed the number.

"911, what's your emergency?"

"I'm Niall Horan, and a girl just collapsed."

"Ok Niall..." the voice at the other end sounded sarcastic. "Where are you?"

Great... he never got Kenya's address off of her.

"Can't you track my phone?"

"No, sir, we can't."

"Listen!" Niall's voice rose. "I'm Niall Horan from One Direction. Why is it my fans can track me down on my phone without all the snazzy equipment you have, and you're saying you can't track me down?! Give me a break!" He put his phone on speaker and put it down on the carpet.

"Let me speak to my manager..." the voice on the other end trailed off.

"Great... just great!" Niall swore under his breath, trying to push off the anxiety. "This is just great."

"Sir..." it was a different voice this time. "We have tracked down your phone, an ambulance is on its way."

He didn't have time to react. He hung up on the operators and quickly opened the front door so the paramedics wouldn't have to knock. Then, he went back to Kenya's room, and sat by her, watching... waiting...

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