You and him

Ask me what boy and what you look like and ill do an imgeine for yo


3. Jazz & Louis! <3

Jazz and Louis had been in live since they were little."lets go in a summer holiday!" Louis said" where to mr Tomlinson?!" I asked "I know it's not exciting but lets go to DAWLISH with  the horses!" He exclaimed "NO it sounds wonderful!" I said " lets do it!" He said.



we ride along the sandy beach with the cool wind in our hair." Lets go in the sea!" Louis screamed like a little boy." C'mon then lazy bones!" I said cantering into the sea." Coming!!!" He yelled. After being in the sea for a while we both sat down and had lunch soon the day was nearly over." Jazz there is one last thing I want to do with you today." He said. He pulled out his phone and played 'That Green Gentleman' and we began to slow dance in the moonlight reflecting of the water."Jasmine I love you!" Louis said."I love you too" I said as we dances slowly.

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